How To Attract and Manifest Abundance – Key Principles

No matter what you have, there’s a good chance you would like to attract more abundance in at least one area of your life. You wouldn’t be human if that wasn’t the case. However, what we do get wrong is the fact that abundance isn’t just about material possessions or wealth. You can have an abundance of love, happiness, and more. So, remember that as you think abundance in general.

Let’s understand ‘ABUNDANCE’ first …

What Is Abundance and How Dows It Manifest In Your Life?

Quite simply, abundance is a large quantity. It’s plenty of something. It’s this tendency that we have as humans to do better, become more, and grow. We don’t often accept our lot in life without a mumble. Instead, we push ourselves to enjoy more abundance. Life is like that, as is nature. Nature naturally moves to spread its seed, with new trees, plants, and grass cropping up. Just like humanity is innovating constantly. New homes, new vehicles, new jobs, new technology… it’s ever-evolving. When you look around, you will see abundance. It’s everywhere. If you allow it to, it will appear in your personal life. It, like you, is ever-evolving.

Now, ask yourself this – what do you think of when you hear the word abundance? If you’re being completely honest with yourself (and us), you will admit that you think of abundance as monetary. Most people do. When we think of abundance, we imagine wealth, endless vacations, and various other material possessions. However, it manifests in a variety of ways, and not all of those are related to money or possessions. So, let’s consider some of the many other ways that abundance manifests in your life.

  • You can have an abundance of love.
  • You can have an abundance of friendships.
  • You will face an abundance of opportunities.
  • You have access to an abundance of food.
  • You can have an abundance of fun.
  • There is abundance in nature.
  • You can create an abundance of time.
  • You can embrace an abundance of spirituality.

Of course, you can also tap into an abundance of weather, material possessions, vacations, and all the typical things that we think of when we hear the word abundance. The point is, it isn’t just about the material.

There is an abundance of just about everything. Now, you can’t access all of it. That could be through no fault of your own, but it could also be you yourself causing it. You may be preventing it from manifesting in your life. Are you alienating yourself from abundance by nurturing a negative mindset rather than being positive and open?

To attract abundance, you have to develop a consciousness for abundance. This simply means that you allow yourself to become more aware of abundance in general, what it feels like in your life, connecting to it, and inviting it into your life. It’s all about feeling as though you’re part of it. This consciousness will allow you to see (and seize) the opportunities that come your way. It will help you smash through the beliefs that have limited you.

If right now you feel as though you don’t have access to abundance, it’s because you’ve been limiting yourself. Whether it’s your vision or your thoughts, you have created an obstacle for yourself. Your thoughts are limiting you to what exists for you right now. You have to expand your horizons, enhance your vision, and embrace the opportunities that are everywhere around you. We are all part of the abundance within the universe. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you live or, what situation you find yourself in. Open your mind, feel it, expect it.

Having said that, there are incredibly efficient ways to manifest abundance in your life. Two of those, are through positive affirmations and visualization. Visualize yourself doing what you want, getting what you want, enjoying what you want, and use positive affirmations to boost your mood and motivation. These two things combined can help you manifest abundance in your life.

7 Key Principles In Attracting Abundance

1| It Starts With Gratitude

Once a year, Americans sit down with their families and share their thanks over a massive meal. Why should you wait for that single day to express your gratitude? Life shouldn’t always be about accumulating more stuff, sometimes it’s more important to sit back and be thankful for what you have.

Once you learn to practice gratitude, you can challenge yourself to go further. It’s up to you to produce ideas from there, ones that will lead to abundance. The first step, though, is to work on yourself.

2| Get Dreaming

It all starts in your mind (and heart). Every achievement has to begin somewhere and it’s typically in someone’s mind. They dared to not only dream but to take action to make that dream a reality. Don’t be afraid to ask what if? It’s okay to be a dreamer! As Cinderella sings “a dream is a wish your heart makes” so, don’t be afraid to listen to your heart. Life’s too short.

3| No Excuses

If you want to attract abundance, then it’s time to stop making excuses. What you’re doing is important, if you believe that your future is shaped by what you do now. Every decision that you make is one that will lead you to your destiny. You are the one who will create the opportunities required to attract abundance.

4| Realizing Potential

The potential that you have isn’t static. It’s something you can build on. Think about the people you admire and why you feel that way. There’s a good chance the draw is that they have realized their potential. Your choices today are whether you will simply continue to compare yourself to others and contemplate what you could be. Or, you could make an effort to realize your potential, which will attract abundance.

5| Attracting Opportunities

Not every opportunity is one you chase. Sometimes opportunities are all around you, but you have to have the awareness to reach out and take them. If you develop your skills, refine your character, and build your relationships, you’re going to become a person who attracts opportunities. Just grab them.

6| Commit To Your Dreams

It’s amazing how aware you become when you commit to your dreams. Your view is now clear and you can see opportunities that have been waiting for you all along. They were always there. The only change that has taken place is within you. You’ve taken the blinders from your eyes and nothing is impossible now.

7| Empower Yourself

You are in control of creating your reality. There’s a good chance, though, that you haven’t been intentional about it. Reality is a construct and if you believe that, then you can freely choose to do something to alter it. More importantly, you can use this belief to empower yourself.

Write out things you say or do that are leading you further from your goals. You need to rid yourself of these beliefs and instead replace them with words and deeds that will move you forward.

Explore the endless possibilities and remember that as you work on yourself, you’re adding to the universe.

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