mind over matter

Mind Over Matter! Is It Really Possible?

Mind Over Matter means unleashing the infinite power of the mind to challenge realities and overcome limitations. It’s time to conquer anything and everything and Get Things Done!

Do you want to change your lifestyle and be healthier in your dietary choices?

Is it regular exercise that you have been trying to get into the swing of?

Is mind over matter truly possible? According to research, the answer is a resounding yes. A study from Western Australia’s Curtin University has found that the key to unlocking a healthy lifestyle is a case of mind over matter. [*]

So, when you hear about the athletes that practice visualization exercises, what they are talking about is mind over matter. Through visualizing a task or an activity, you can change your bad habits and negative behaviors, like limiting your alcohol intake and quitting smoking.

That doesn’t just stand for health and lifestyle issues, it can be used for any matter of things in your life that you’d like to change. Perhaps there’s a promotion you’re chasing or a car you’ve always dreamed of owning.

The Curtin University study found a link between using visualization to overcome chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. This was achieved through visualization, or imagery-based intervention, to promote healthier behaviors, like eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

The people in the study who used the steps to visualize themselves acting out a healthy behavior found themselves motivated to put that behavior into action. It’s more effective the longer you are able to maintain the imagery. Additionally, detailed instructions and text reminders were found to be extremely effective.

This is just one study on the subject, but its implications are important for not only the health industry but the wider community as well. There have been plenty of studies before this, mostly focusing on how visualizations can enhance the performance of athletes or for pilots going through flight training.

If it has been found to be so productive in these settings, why wouldn’t you be able to replicate it to visualize yourself as the CEO of your own company? Or, to run an imagery- based intervention to put yourself behind the wheel of the newest supercar.

There isn’t a person out there who would mind improving their performance or becoming more productive. There isn’t a single industry out there without self-help books and conferences that attempt to guide people to doing and being better. Yet, here we are plowing money into these endeavors when there is really just one thing we need. Mind over matter.

Mind Over Matter: What The Science Shows

Cognitive dissonance. It’s the mental stress that affects someone who holds at least two values, ideas or beliefs that are contradictory. It’s an emotional reaction, but a painful one.

The reason that this might be so stressful and painful is that many people stake their career, reputation, and identity of a specific set of beliefs. So, when they are presented with evidence that contradicts their set of values, beliefs or ideas… well, it’s difficult. Essentially, that is exactly what mind over matter is.

For example, once upon a time priests weren’t interested in the telescope that Galileo created. Religious people fought against and still do fight against evolution, despite the evidence. Today, it’s climate change.

In fact, there are even people who are adamant that the earth is flat despite overwhelming evidence to contradict them. All of these are excellent examples of cognitive dissonance. When something threatens the foundation or structure of someone’s life, they tend to get upset.

There was a time that people didn’t believe in radiation or even electricity. Radio waves were unheard of and people would have believed it to be impossible. Likewise, many people believe that mind over matter is nonsense. Yet, we can see the value in it from the plethora of studies that are available to draw from.

Dr. Tiller’s Study

Stanford University’s Professor Emeritus chose to delve into mind over matter. In fact, he decided to tackle mind over matter when he was at the height of his career. Repeatedly, he has shown through his experiments that mind over matter is real. [*]

He worked with people experienced in meditation, those who could self-direct. His experiments are fairly different to others. His participants were directed to imprint an intention on electrical devices.

In one of these experiments, the participants were encouraged to shift their awareness to a crystal that was housing an electrical circuit. The specific intention that they imprinted on it was that the water’s pH levels would change.

This was then wrapped in foil and shipped across the country to a different lab. The lab turned it on and sat it next to a water sample. No people entered the room as it was isolated, thus protecting the environmental factors. Against all odds (a million to one), the pH level did change, a full 1.5 pH.

Over time, the experiments that Dr. Tiller carried out actually affected the room where he conducted them. This just further demonstrates how powerful mind over matter can be. Intention is everything. Another experiment saw a 15% growth in fruit flies.

So, mind over matter isn’t limited by time nor is it limited by distance. Most scientists proffer an eye roll when his work is cited. Yet, this isn’t the only study.

Dr. Radin’s Study

Now, the double slit experiment [*]. Are you familiar with the phrase “the observer affects the observed”? If you’re into quantum physics, you definitely have. It’s a reference to the grandfather of modern physics – it’s all about mind over matter. The double slit experiment. So, this is how it works.

When an electron is fired through a single slit it will look like a dot. It’s like shooting a bullet through a narrow hall to create a hole on the further wall. However, if there are two slits, the electron becomes a wave, rather than a dot. So, when its path is knowable it responds as a dot or particles.

Waves are the result when we do not know what path the electron will take. It’s something that has made physicists scratch their heads over. From that, the mind over matter argument was born.

What is happening here? Is the electron going through just one slit, both of them or does it collide on the other side? Regardless, this is known as collapsing the wave. Bottom line, this is the observer effect. Observations are rounded and the outcome of the experiment changes consistently.

One of the popular beliefs that has come from this is that the observer alters the outcome. Scientists disagree, however. This is where Dr. Dean Radin, the Institute of Noetic Science’s chief scientist, came into the picture. His study revisited the experiment and explored mind over matter further. So, is the observer simply an electron detecting machine?

Or, is the human changing the result? The fundamental question that Dr. Radin asked was this: “If you alter the way you observe things, do you change the things you observe?” (Dr. Wayne Dyer, philosopher). Can a skilled group of meditators really impact the result of the experiment using the power of their mind?

The room was protected from outside influences and there were two groups of participants. One was a group of meditators and the other was not. They were asked to visualize themselves inside the box, watching the electrons shoot through the slits.

The result?

The group of meditators caused a significant shift in the wave pattern. Many times, a dot was observed where a wave pattern was expected.

Radin’s study saw 50 sessions held with 50, pre-selected meditators. All of whom achieved the most impactful results. Dr. Radin also held experiments over the internet, with humans tackling 5,000 of those sessions and a computer handling 7,000 of them. The computer made no effect, the humans, however, did.

McTaggart’s Experiments

Lynn McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment involved around ten thousand different people and involved participants from 80 different countries as well [*]. The experiment? It was all about mind over matter.

The initial target was a leaf, with one serving as the control. The experiment’s intention was to see if these people could make the leaf flow. The way they chose which leaf to put their focus on was by flipping a coin.

Every living thing on this earth emits photons. Provided your camera is sensitive enough, you can see it glow. This experiment was carried out by the University of Arizona’s Dr. Schwartz. The leaf that got the focus of intention did glow, and it glowed brighter than the control leaf did. This test was repeated successfully numerous times, showing that mind over matter made a difference.

They didn’t stop there, though. Another experiment was to see if they could cause a plant to grow faster. So, seeds were sent to a large number of Australians. Those seeds did grow faster. There was a single experimental group, as well as three plant control groups.

All four of these sets were planted. The seeds that sprouted the quickest and grew faster? Those that received the intention. Mind over matter.

Global Coherence Project

If there are people all over the world who are feeling and/or thinking the exact same thing, can this be tested? That’s what the GCP is all about. In fact, this project has been running for two decades. RNGs (or random number generators) run in 70 locations across the world and create an unpredictable sequence of zeroes and ones.

When the world goes through a major event, such as a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11, the numbers suddenly don’t appear so random. In fact, during the most emotional times we face as a world, the numbers start to line up. This suggests that a group consciousness does emerge when people all over the world are feeling the same thing.

While this might not strictly be a mind over matter experiment like the other three we have discussed, it does reveal something incredibly important.

It suggests that mind power does have some type of impact on the world around us, the physical world. It might not be a specific change, but something is going on. It’s a little bit like standing in a room with all of the lights off but finding a flash of light from time to time.

Real Life Examples of Mind Over Matter

If scientific evidence isn’t enough to convince you, let’s take a look at some of the real-life examples of mind over matter. It’s time to stop seeing your mind and your body as entities of their own. They’re far more entwined than you have always thought. Of course, mind over matter can work in your favor, but it can also be detrimental if you don’t properly harness its power.

Tibetan Monks Dry Sheets

Tibetan monks are known for their ability to stay silent, abstain from eating, and meditate for long periods of time. So, it’s hardly surprising that they have control over their mind/body. Some Tibetan monks have shown that they have the ability to control both their body temperature and their blood pressure. Physicians were allowed to monitor the changes in Tibetan monk’s changes while they practice Tum-mo, a type of meditative yoga [*].

So, they clothed the monks in cold, wet sheets and controlled the temperature of the room. In similar conditions, the average person would experience shivering and it wouldn’t take long for hypothermia to kick in. However, the monks generated body heat as they practiced Tum- mo and within an hour, those sheets were dry. For the monks, this was no big deal. For the doctors, though, it was a true test of mind over matter.

The Placebo Effect

With every medicine trial, a group of people receives the actual medication and the other receives a placebo pill. Often, these experiments show us the true power of the placebo. People believe that it will work so, it does.

One of the greatest examples of this, though, is the sneaky Princeton University students who switched out the beer keg with non-alcohol beer. They watched the story unfold, with students falling around, getting stupid, slurring their word, and well, being drunk. The non- alcoholic beer itself contained .4% alcohol, the amount you would need to drink of this to even get a buzz is… well, no one could drink that much. Yet, their fellow students believed that they were drinking normal beer, so it altered their behavior just as a normal keg would.

Athletic Visualization

Many professional athletes improve their performance by visualizing themselves playing the game before they even step foot on the playing surface. It’s more than a mental exercise. Let’s look at George Hall, a US Air Force Colonel who was held in Vietnam as a prisoner of war for seven years.

The cell was small, it was dark, and every day he was imprisoned he created detailed images in his head of going golfing. He lost 100 pounds during his imprisonment and despite being extremely weak, what he wanted to do when free was go play golf.

He was invited to do so and despite all odds, he played phenomenally, with a score of 76. He attributed that to the muscle memory he built while visualizing his golf game for seven years [*].

Pain Management

During World War 2, the people who were forced into concentration camps were starved, beaten, and tortured. Most of us cannot imagine what pain that must have been. It’s incomprehensible. Especially when you consider that there were people who survived it. One of those people was the Dutch write, Jack Schwarz.

He coped by praying and meditating throughout his imprisonment. He did this until he reached a point that allowed him to block the pain of his torture. Once he was released, he continued to practice his mind over matter exercises and would demonstrate his ability by piercing his arm with a long needle.

Additionally, he would show his ability to control his body’s flow of blood by stopping or starting the blood flow through the pierced skin. When he allowed the Menninger Foundation to study him, they discovered that his brain’s electrical activity was completely different to most other subjects [*].

Weight Loss

While the diet industry is booming, it seems outrageous that obesity is rising, doesn’t it? There are some researchers who believe that there is something missing in the equation. Positivity. It’s lacking so much that it’s keeping us overweight. Dr. Ellen Langer, Harvard psychologist, used an experiment with a group of hotel maids to make the point [*].

These women were mostly overweight, yet based on the activities that they completed daily, they should have been thin. Their entire work day was exercise, yet almost 70% of them didn’t think they did any exercise.

Dr. Langer believed that it was their own perceptions that were standing between them and weight loss. Half of the maids were told that their activities constituted an active lifestyle. The other half were provided with no information. Both groups had their physical measurements taken. Dr. Langer met up with the maids a month later to reevaluate them.

The group who were informed had lost weight. They had also improved their blood pressure. Yet, they made no modifications to their behaviors or activity levels. The other group? No change whatsoever. Mind over matter.

Harnessing The Power Of Mind Over Matter

Let’s be honest, life has a way of dealing us with the unexpected when we’ve put all of our plans into place. It doesn’t really matter how carefully you plan, the ability to be flexible is going to serve you well. Right?

You can’t do anything about getting stuck in traffic or a sudden work meeting that crops up on your day off. Is having less time and more work greater than your ability to harness the power of your mind? Your situation doesn’t own you, instead, you should be owning the situation.

That’s what it means, isn’t it?

Mind over matter.

That your mind has the ability to trump any and all matter. Luckily, we’ve put some helpful steps together that should help you harness this power for yourself.


It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to simply decide to do it. Once you say yes, your mind is open to a wealth of ideas on exactly how you’re going to make things happen.

For example, if you decide tomorrow that you want to run a marathon, then you need to put together a plan and strategize exactly how you plan to do that. Your decision to say yes, your decision to act is the trigger for your imagination.


First, you have to consider your resources, as well as your time. Time is often the major issue most of us deal with. There just never seems to be enough of it to cram everything in. With mind over matter, though, you find the time.

So, if you want to prepare your body for a marathon, then you need to make the time to train. Without the proper training, you won’t complete the ultimate goal. Your morning/evening run will become your duty and when you practice mind over matter, you will often see it as something to look forward to.

Expanded Thinking

Perhaps the biggest benefit of mind over matter is how it expands your ability to think. The impossible fades away and possibilities emerge. Nothing seems impossible anymore.

When it seems as though life had loaded a barrel of lemons into a pitching machine to pelt you continuously… it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you keep your mind on your intentions. You have the power to positively impact your life by believing that anything is possible.


Before you can make anyone else believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. For some people, that can take some convincing. Dig deep because that self-belief is inside you and if you tap into it you will find confidence within yourself.

Think of it as a well, one that you can feed to overflowing by maintaining your commitment to whatever habits or behaviors you look to change or improve.


The only thing that’s left to do now is to act. It’s all about using those visualizations, the mind over matter, to be present and in being present you need to take action. No matter what twists and turns life brings, you should never let them stop you. Instead, you simply tackle them with the same ferocity every time they come.

There are certainly situations that you can’t control. You can’t part traffic like you’re Moses parting the red sea. It’s fairly impossible for you to overcome a delayed flight or train. However, what you can do is find a way to overcome.

It might be that you catch a different train, book a different flight or wait it out while doing something productive. You can’t change every situation, but you can change your reaction to every situation. When you do, what you’re doing is invoking your ability to harness the power of mind over matter.

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