How to stay calm

How To Stay Calm When Life Is Disrupted

Life is generally hard, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier by the day. The world is changing at an incredible speed, creating lots of pressures and responsibilities for everyone, irrespective of age. It can be a difficult task trying to remain calm amid the disruption caused by the chaotic world. However, learning how to stay cool and collected amid all these pressures can help you find the silver lining in any situation.

Most times, finding control of yourself isn’t as difficult as you think, but it often requires some digging deep. This article focuses on helping you dig deep to find the things that will help you stay calm in the midst of a disrupted life. For starters, however, there’s a need to know the symptoms of a disrupted life.

Symptoms of a Disrupted Life

If you look carefully, you’ll find that there are tons of signs that show that things are getting really bad. Our brains and bodies are naturally wired to send us warning signs when facing too much pressure, stress, and negativities. Understanding these signs will help you know when you are close to your breaking point. Some of the most popular signs of a disrupted life include

• Impacted mental state
• Poor sleep quality
• Reduced immune functionality
• A decline in physical health
• A drop in intimacy

Tips For Staying Calm in The Face of A Disrupted Life

If you’ve reached a point where your life feels disrupted and chaotic, do not panic. You can still salvage the situation; however, you’ll need first to master staying calm to figure a solution out. Care to know how? Take a look at some practical tips that can help you stay calm when your life is disrupted.

Take Care of Your Body

This is the first thing to know. The importance of staying healthy in the midst of life’s chaos cannot be overemphasized. This is the worst time to break down; hence, the need to consciously take care of yourself. Ensure to get enough sleep when you have enough chance to. Maintain a routine of personal hygiene and ensure to dress properly as you’ll usually do.

It can be tough to keep moving, especially if the situation disrupts your normal exercise routine. However, you’ll need to find how to stay active. Thankfully, practices like yoga and cardio workouts help you stay active in a small space. Also, ensure to eat healthy food, since it will help boost your immune system. Even if you do not have enough money, you can still make cheap healthy foods at home.

Help Others

Indeed, there’s fulfillment in helping others. Over time, it has gained popularity as one of the ways of making yourself happier. Develop the attitude of helping to bring laughter to people’s lives. Remember, you don’t have to be rich to make people happy. The little acts of kindness that you show to them can bring a smile to their day and, consequently yours.

Connect With Friends and Family

Apart from reaching out to people who feel isolated, another act that always brings genuine happiness is spending time with the people who love you. Of course, your family and friends are some of the most important people in your life and connecting with them will give you pure happiness.

Technology comes to the rescue if they are living very far from you. Calls, texts, video calls, and short video recordings can do the trick. The good thing is that you are not only getting out of your trap of loneliness, but you are also helping others do the same.

Catch Up on Books, Movies, Podcasts, and TV Shows

This is one old strategy that works all the time. Most times, when nothing seems to be working, and you find your life getting disrupted, it could be because you are overstressing yourself. Take time off work to do the things you love doing. Watch movies listen to music and read books. These things have a therapeutic power to help you stay relaxed.

Leverage The Power Of Positive Affirmations

Most times, you don’t know how far the positive things you say to yourself can go in helping you heal. Make it a ritual to always say positive things to and about yourself, even though it may seem like the world is turning upside down. Words like “I will survive,” “I am strong,” and “I can handle anything” can go a long way. Write such affirmations boldly somewhere you’ll always see them so that you can always remember and say them.


That’s it, tips that can help you stay calm and positive even in the midst of life’s biggest upheaval. You can find ways to combine two or more of these tips. The goal is to find the set that works best for you and use them.

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