Is Mindset The Key To Any Success?

What do you know about the nature of your own mind? What do you know about the capacity of your brain, your thoughts, and your emotions? I bet you think you know quite a lot, don’t you? I bet you think you know yourself extremely well.

Well what if I introduced you to the idea that there may just be a few things you haven’t learned yet. What if I told you that the majority of the information that people have access to is actually quite primitive and unrefined, what if even our most advanced thinkers were actually quite far away from the realm of a truly deep understanding?

This brings us to the topic of something we commonly refer to as ‘Mindset’.

What We Think Is Mindset, Is Actually Brainset

When you think of your mind, I am sure that most of you think that your mind is in your brain, am I right? That is the most commonly held view by a large proportion of contemporary thinkers. And that’s all well and good, except for the fact that it’s wrong.

Without going too deeply into the nature of mind, let me explain the difference between mind and brain, as taught by the ancient enlightened masters of many of the worlds most advanced forms of Mysticism.

Understanding this will not only help us to develop the ‘brainset’ of true success, it will actually help us to develop what it the true ‘mindset’ of success too.

Brain vs Mind

This is actually really simple…

The brain exists only inside your skull.

The mind is actually the substance that, not just your brain is made of, but the rest of your body and in fact the rest of the entire cosmos. This substance is mind. Mind is the governor of consciousness.

So how does this help us?

Well, if we want to utilize the teachings of the ancient masters to fully understand the key to success then we want to make sure we are working, not only with the brain but the mind also.

Doesn’t that sound like the correct approach, to utilize everything that we have at our disposal? Why get stuck in the brain when we can utilize a much more powerful force?

Utilizing Brain, Utilizing Mind

Therefore, the brain is where we think and the mind is our actual experience of life. To utilize the brain for success means that we think along the lines of positivity, activity, achievement, goal setting, productivity, mastery, determination, focus, concentration, going beyond our comfort zone and never giving up – this our brain-set.

However, how do we ensure that this brainset stays in place? For this, we utilize the mind.

We can surround ourselves with information that keeps our brains focused.

Place pictures on your walls that remind you of your goals.

Speak with other people or at least listen to other people who reflect what we want to achieve.

Place objects and things to be used as tools around us that influence us to stay on track.

We can also use visualization exercises to imbue our bodies and brains with the skillsets that we need to maintain – this naturally magnetizes us to success.

That which is outlined above is in-fact only a small amount of the full potential for brain setting and mind setting that it’s possible to apply to your desire for success.

As is the case with any great subject, it is only the tip of the iceberg. The true knowledge comes from practical application and experience. So all that’s left now is for you to experiment and unlock the true keys to success for yourself.