You’re walking down the street, next to you is your favorite person. You’re walking on the same sidewalk. You’re both inhaling and exhaling the same air to survive. Are you worried about them stealing your air? No. It’s abundant. There is enough for both of you to breathe comfortably.

Now, if you are deep-sea diving with that person and one of you has a malfunctioning oxygen tank, then you’re dealing with a precious commodity. The scarcity of it makes you worry that there won’t be enough oxygen for both of you to breathe and make it safely to the surface.

The attitude you have towards abundance and scarcity in your life can influence your success. Unfortunately, many people hold a scarcity mindset and believe there are only so many slices to the pie. When one person gets a large slice, that immediately leaves less for the rest of us. These are the people who struggle with sharing, whether it’s power, recognition, profit or otherwise. They’re the ones who can’t muster up genuine joy for the success of others.

Now, on the other side of the coin, you have an abundance mentality. This is when someone believes that there is plenty of everything for everyone! This mindset stems directly from someone who has a deep sense of security or self-worth. People with an abundance mindset don’t worry about sharing, they see the world and recognize endless opportunities and possibilities. They are open to them, to the alternatives, to all the options that are out there.

So, if you find yourself more drawn to the scarcity mindset, you will know that always feel the need to compete for resources. Even though, really, there is no need to do so because there’s enough for everyone.

We all face challenges, in every area of our lives. Sadly, many of the challenges you are dealing with are the result of a scarcity mindset. In these situations, paranoia, fear, competition, and politics flourish. That might sound fine to some, but in reality, it makes people anxious, and nervous people don’t perform well. They’re deathly afraid of making mistakes and tend to cover up behind them when they do. All this does is make production, innovation, and teamwork suffer.

If you want to be an effective person, at home and work, then you need to make yourself the model of abundance. To do this, you will need to create an abundance mindset.

1| There’s Always More

The world isn’t split into pie, there is plenty to go around. You don’t need to compare yourself to other people, nor do you need to pit yourself against them. There is enough for you; there is enough for everyone. You may need to remind yourself of this frequently.

2| Quiet Reflection

It’s important to appreciate and acknowledge the positives you experience in work and life. Gratitude is an incredibly important and powerful aspect of nurturing an abundance mindset. At the center of living an abundant life is a heart filled with gratitude. Even in the mess and filth of life, gratitude can bring clarity.

3| Give More

More specifically, give more of what you want.

4| Opportunity

Even when you are faced with a challenge or there’s an obstacle standing in your way – you must simply see it as an opportunity. Opportunity is everywhere, face it with optimism and go for it.

5| Kind Words

You should always let others known how much you value them, whether it’s at home or in the workplace. Likewise, you should offer yourself the same kind and compassionate words that you extend to others.