The Power of Decision

Manifesting Your Desires Using The Power of Decision

The power of decision – Commit to yourself and manifest your desires in the real world quickly.

Your Decisions

Do you constantly wonder when life is going to go your way? Do you wonder how it’s going to happen and why? If you’re so busy worrying about where life is taking you, then you’re probably not putting enough power behind your decisions.

After all, your decisions are a major factor in manifesting your desires. In order to make the right decisions, you have to commit to yourself.

You have to commit to the power of decision. If you’re caught up in the wondering, then you aren’t taking action. Action is required for intention.

The idea behind the ability to manifest your desires is that you have the power to create your reality. It certainly isn’t about standing around, hoping, waiting, and wishing for things to go your way.

Rather, it’s about projecting desires from inside out onto the external world. This is going to require self-belief, decisiveness, faith, and action. Your future is in your hands.

Manifesting Through Decision


There is no greater commitment than making a decision. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss this step because they’re too busy focusing on their desire. While they fail to follow through by making decisions. It’s important to understand that the decision-making process is what takes your intentions from questions to knowing.

Take this opportunity to commit. Commit to yourself, to your intentions and your decisions. Make the decision that your desire will be yours and nothing can stand in your way.

There is a difference between thinking about your intention and how great it is and deciding. The decision, the commitment to decision is the first step and an important one that cannot be missed.


Do you remember how popular the saying been there, done that, and got the t-shirt was in the 1990’s? It’s still a saying and it’s one that you should think about a bit more deeply. That’s the type of intent you need to manifest your desires.

Your future is exactly how you imagine it will be because you have your intention and you’re committed to making the decisions required to get you there.

So, think about this. Your desires is complete. You’re living your life with intention and that’s just your new normal. How will you feel? We’re accustomed to putting a bit of extra shine on our desires.

Yet, we don’t imagine the reality of our desires coming true. Yes, it feels great when your wants and desires do come true, but then that’s just normal. You have to connect to the energy of your intentions already having been manifested and enjoying it.

Visualization is an excellent tool to use to imagine what it feels like to achieve your desires. The more you can tap into that energy, the faster you can manifest your desires.


Be honest. If you were 100% certain that your desires will manifest, then you would likely act much differently than you do now. Right?

First of all, you wouldn’t be sitting around wondering how or when it will happen.

You wouldn’t be asking questions because you’re already certain it’s going to be yours. However, this knowledge that your desires will manifest is going to spur you into action. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when so you set about to ensure it’s sooner rather than later.

Your action has to come from a place of self-belief. When you get into that feeling you’re settling into your future self and a knowledge of what that future version of yourself has. Nietzsche’s Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence essentially suggests that time is flat circle.

With infinite time and finite events, there is bound to be repetition. You, your future self, your past self, all exist at the same time. The reality of this is that you can connect with the future version of yourself to determine your wants, needs and desires. You can learn from the previous version of yourself on how and what not to do.

Habits That Prevent Your Manifestation Of Desires

We are all guilty of bad habits, but are your bad habits standing between you and your ability to manifest your desires? Let’s take a look at the bad habits that block manifestation.

No Intention

We discussed the importance of intent. If you struggle with manifesting your desires, then you need to look into your intentions. What is a goal without a plan of action? What is an intention without decision? When you have an intent, you set it, you record it, and you cement that as your intention with the universe. This allows you to focus on understanding and manifesting your desires.

If you use only your mind to set your intentions, then it can change and evolve. This might sound harmless, but this can actually damage the process of manifestation. For example, let’s say that your intention is to be financially independent. Yet, your emotions and thoughts constantly plunge you into desperation when faced with monthly bills.

You become so focused on this and so stressed about having to pay bills that your desires for financial independence becomes a distant memory. Taking your intention, writing it out, that cements it with the universe. It’s a key step.

Now, is writing your intention down going to put a stop to your monthly bills? No. What it will do, however, is help you build a foundation for desires. Your desire(s) won’t get lost.

When you write your intention downs you can tick them off as they manifest, which will help you remain focused on your other intentions. Not to mention that writing your intentions down allows you to shape the details of your desires. You can write down the date you expect your desire to manifest or, the color of the Jaguar SUV you will have.

Your intent is visualization exercise. Writing them out helps you create a mental image and the more specific you can be the clearer your visualization will be.


You know how powerful positive self-talk can be. You know how important positive affirmations can be to influencing your mindset. Likewise, negative verbal expressions are poisonous. They are standing between you and your ability to manifest your desires. It’s a process to adopt positive language. When our language is destructive it’s a bad habit.

It can seem as though negativity is inevitable. However, you can change your thoughts and speech to avoid negativity and embrace positivity. Your friend invites you out for dinner and you tell them you can’t make it because you can’t afford it. This might be factually correct.

However, that’s not what you would like to manifest. You don’t have to beat yourself up about this, you just have to correct that statement. You don’t say you can’t afford it; you simply say you’re unavailable. The more you do use, the easier it becomes. It might seem small, but you can’t allow your words and thoughts to run contrary to your intentions.

It isn’t just negativity that you hold about yourself or your life. Negativity also manifests in your emotions toward others. When you judge people it’s a form of putting them down. It doesn’t matter if you don’t vocalize your judgment to their faces. You’re putting down to boost your ego.

We judge to protect ourselves. The judgment we’re talking about isn’t determining whether someone is safe, kind or trustworthy. However, if you find yourself judging others to fluff up your ego, you need to recognize the danger you’re in. You’re moving into the danger zone of emitting negativity energy into the universe. You only get what you give.

If you’re unnecessarily negative about others, you’re filling your life with negativity and attracting more of it into your life. If you go out of your way to lift others up, if you’re happy for the success of others, then you put yourself in a more favorable position in the universe.

Another way that people often embody negativity toward others is that they take it personally when others succeed before them. Don’t allow jealousy to prevent you from achieving your desires. Instead of feeling threatened by the success of others, see it as a sign from the universe that your desires will also become a reality.

No Self-Care

It’s difficult to operate at your best when your cup has run dry. If you are constantly tired and you don’t eat well or exercise, then how can you operate at the level necessary for success? You’re creating unnecessary stress and it impacts your energy levels, on a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional level. When you feel bad, when you feel down, it emits negative energy and will therefore, attract negativity.

Take the time to practice self-care. Spend time in the sunshine, take walks in nature, get a good night’s sleep, read a book, take a bubble bath, do yoga, meditate, eat home-cooked meals, drink plenty of water, balance your budget.

No A-Game

With no motivation how can you commit yourself to manifest your desires? You need to bring your A-game. That will happen naturally when you look after yourself and maintain your passion, excitment, and intention. You need self-belief and positivity to be your best self and that’s necessary to manifest your desires.


If you want to all but destroy your ability to manifest your desires, then keep holding onto your self-doubt. Look, life touches all of us in different ways. Baggage is normal. That baggage can often leave us filled with self-doubt. You cannot allow the past to define you.

It doesn’t matter what obstacle you have run into in the past. You deserve abundance. No matter the luck you’ve had in the past, you can make your luck now. If you want the universe to value your life, if you want it to hold your worth in high esteem, then you have to define your worth first.

If you struggle with self-doubt and self-worth, then go out of your way to list your positive traits. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself, do activities that make you feel good.

No Action

One of the biggest traps that you fall into is the belief that all you need is positive thinking and the universe will take care of the rest. That’s not the case. You have to take physical steps to your desires. This is essentially an outward expression of your inner desires. To manifest your desires you need action to imprint your wants onto the universe.

The energy of action aligns you with where you’d like to be and actively aligning yourself is necessary to truly live the dream. Challenge yourself to do at least one thing daily that moves you in alignment with your intents and desires. It doesn’t matter if those actions are small, every action is important.

Here for the Drama

This is something that many of us are unconsciously guilty of. An addiction to the drama. For some, it’s the drama in others’ lives. For many, it’s creating drama within their own lives.

The latter do so to create pain just so that they can enjoy the alleviation of that pain. People who have no sense of purpose, people who get bored easily, they are the types of people who indulge drama. What’s the big issue? Drama is negativity.

The negativity that drama emits doesn’t just influence you, it also creates negativity in others. This is only going to attract more devastation and drama into your life. It’s vicious cycle that only brings pain.

Lack of Faith and Determination

This is a common issue people face. You feel as though you have committed to manifesting your desires, but you mumble that it doesn’t work for you. If you find yourself thinking like this, then you have to remind yourself of the dangers of negativity. You also need to remember that you can’t win if you give up.

You can fail hundreds of times, but you have to get back up again every time. If you don’t have the faith and determination, how will that happen? A lack of determination is a lack of faith.

Faith simply means that you believe in yourself and the ability to manifest your desires beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your desires will be yours.

Dismissing the Signs

Are you overlooking the opportunities and signs? This is a trap many people fall into. You completely forget about your desire, your manifestation slips, and a sign staring you in the face has been missed.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to tune into the universe and ensure you don’t miss the signs.

You’re constantly thinking, talking, and feeling throughout your day. This leaves little room to receive, meditation turns all of that and opens your mind.

A Lack of Gratitude

When you express gratitude it helps you maintain your connection with the universe, thus ensuring your ability to manifest your desires. It’s easy to overlook the gifts that are staring us in the face.

When you disregard the blessings in life it severs your ability to manifest desires. Take the time to express gratitude for the many things you already have in your life. Start small with the little things that are abundant in your life. You can find something to be grateful for in most situations. Always look for the silver lining when the clouds hang low.

Steps to Setting Intentions to Manifest Your Desires

Intentions pave the way for your success and if you want to set intentions that can change the course of your life and manifest your desires, read on.

The Morning Ritual

A morning ritual is an excellent way to get in touch with your inner self. This is an important connection to foster if you want to set clear and true intentions.

There may be days where you feel as though you’re ready to conquer the world and days where you feel as though a shower is out of the question.

If you feel like this sometimes, that’s okay. It only makes you human. It’s difficult to break bad habits, it can be difficult to motivate yourself, but if you want success from your life, if you want to manifest your desires, then consistency is key. You will be defined by the actions that you take.

If when you wake up you don’t feel excited, energized, and passionate, then it’s time to create a morning ritual. It’s a powerful exercise. Your morning mood can influence your entire day, from your mood to your productivity. Take time in the morning to honor your needs and set the tone for the day.

Surrender All

Surrendering doesn’t always mean giving up. In this case, it’s literally the opposite. If you want to manifest your desires, then you have to release control and surrender. If you resist it, it will only persist. Stop trying to control everything, don’t fight the universe. Detach yourself from outcomes to find the positive flow. This will help you attract your deisres.

More Feeling, Less Thinking

Do you ever like you spend too much time in your head?

When you get lost in thoughts and stuck in your head it becomes difficult to make decisions that ring true. If you want to be authentic, if you want to make decisions that align with your heart, then you need to get in touch with your feelings. Life is about balance and you can’t truly align yourself with the universe or yourself if you refuse to listen to your heart. The truth lies there.

Clear & Specific

How can you make your desires a reality if you aren’t specific in your intentions? How will you manifest your desires if your intentions aren’t clear? This trips up a lot of people. If you aren’t manifesting your desires, then you need a deeper awareness of your thoughts.

You need to work harder to use positive words. You don’t hope to or hope so, you believe. You will. You believe. You can. While the former keeps your hopes alive, the latter attracts what you want.

To manifest your desires, you first need to be clear and specific about those desires. You need a clear plan that drives you to achieve it. If you aren’t attracting the life you want, look at your intentions, consider your self-talk, and be certain in your actions.


Finally, the process of visualization is one of the most powerful ways to manifest your desires. We already briefly discussed visualization above. Visualization is a tool that professional athletes use before game day to map out their upcoming performance. Runners imagine themselves shooting from the blocks and running the race. Race car drivers imagine themeselves navigating the course.

It isn’t just athletes that can and do use visualization. Before an interview, you can visualize yourself, sitting across from the interviewer to answer questions. All of this boosts your self-confidence, it helps you lay out your dreams, align yourself with your purpose, and recognize the possibilities your life holds. Visualization triggers momentum and inspires you to take action.

Final Thoughts

You hold the power to manifest your desires. This power rests within you, you call the shots, it’s up to you to make the decisions that will lead you closer to manifesting your desires.

Perhaps the most important decision (and the first) you need to make is to commit to yourself. In this commitment that you make to yourself, you are committing to manifest your desires and dreams.

Learn to let go of trying to control what you can’t and focus on influencing what you can.