Online Resources That Help You Manage Financial Hard Times

There is no shortage of statistics to illustrate how Americans are struggling financially, but I’d like to share with you my least favorite. A survey ran by the federal reserve reported that 44 percent of American adults could not cover a $400 emergency. If a medical or legal emergency were to spring up, most would be plunged into a debt trap or declare bankruptcy.

Recession fears are growing the possibility of being tossed back into the job hunt is a reality for so many. If you find yourself in hard times, turn to these online resources to get back on your feet.

Job interviews can be so nerve-wracking. You can taste the tension in those silent moments before you answer the interviewers’ ambiguous questions. They thank you for coming, but just as you leave the room, you know in your gut that you didn’t get it. 

If you’ve lost your job and your last interview is a faded memory, you should consider an online interview coaching service. There are so many to choose from, but here are a couple of services hand-picked for beginners.

The Muse is a coaching service that has been around since 2011. They have coaches from every industry that can help you with live practice, personally tailored feedback, and a plan of action. There are three price tiers, so you can find a coach that suits your professional experience level.

Some of us have schedules that force us to find self-paced solutions. Big Interview is perfect if you have a chaotic schedule and cannot afford to drop hundreds on a personal coach. Renowned career coach Pamela Skillings created this program; It has over 100 lessons on every aspect of interviews and is appropriate for any industry.

Interview prepping is a wasted effort if your resume doesn’t get HR’s attention. The resume writing industry is massive and growing, which means the pool of killer resumes you have to compete with is also growing. Here are a few of the best resume writing services.

In addition to the coaching services, The Muse also has a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn service. This service also has three tiers. Each tier includes the opportunity to call or video chat with your writer, and the top two tiers include revisions if you’re not entirely happy with their work. The service is highly individualized and priced competitively compared to other resume services.

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If you’re worried about not getting your money’s worth, take a look at ZipJob. They offer a guarantee where they promise you’ll get more interviews within 60 days. If you don’t, they will assign your resume to be rewritten by a senior writer, free of charge.

Perhaps your struggle is not with employment but with debt. Whether you’ve been hit with an emergency expense that forced you into debt or just struggling to cut back your spending, a debt management plan can help.

It’s a plan offered by nonprofit companies that specialize in credit counseling. It is not a loan, and the payment plans are tailored to your individual or household financial circumstance. You can consolidate debt and reduce your interest and other fees. The calls you receive from debt collectors will drastically reduce, and in some cases, your credit score can improve.

The nonprofit will work with your credit card companies until a plan is approved. Payments are made to the organization, which then pays your various creditors in turn. 

Check out or to learn more. 

You can speak to someone directly to see if a DMP is for you. Most agencies offer free counseling sessions but check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are legitimate.

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