What It Means To Take Personal Responsibility For Your Life

There is a pretty good chance you’ve heard people talking about the importance of taking responsibility for your life. Why has this become such a popular talking point? In all honesty, it’s about taking control of your life. When you take personal responsibility for your life you’re moving yourself from victimhood to victory. That’s what life is all about.

Taking Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility means that you become the cause, rather than the effect. Instead of reacting to what life throws at you and just accepting it, you are in control of creating your own happiness. Things stop happening to you and instead are happening for you. Taking responsibility means you have choices – you choose how you will respond to the challenges that life hands you. Instead of being a passenger in the journey, you are now firmly in the driver’s seat with the wheel in your hands.

Perhaps, most importantly, taking full personal responsibility means that your energy is changing, and it is that energy that will help transform your thoughts, emotions, words, and even your actions. You will reach the point where they act in concert to guide you through life, making the right decisions and facilitating growth.

Tips For Taking Responsibility

1. Thoughts, Words, Emotions, Actions

It’s difficult to take personal responsibility for your entire life if you don’t first start with thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. Remember, this is what creates the life you live, so this is the first step in taking responsibility. You need to first own your thoughts, how they make you feel, and the words that come out of your mouth because of them. It’s also you who controls your actions. Just because you blame someone for pushing your buttons doesn’t mean that you aren’t in control of your responses. No one is responsible, only you.

2. No More Blame

You blame your boss for missing out on that promotion. You blame your partner for not putting enough effort into your relationship. You blame the economy. You blame your parents. It might be someone else’s fault, but when you place blame it constantly forces you into the role of victim. This prevents you from changing the situation. So, stop blaming and start taking responsibility to change the record.

3. No More Complaining

This is just another way to lay blame, complaining firmly casts you as the victim. It also suggests that you are prone to focusing on the negative, rather than finding the silver lining and moving forward.

4. Don’t Take Everything Personally

We are all guilty of this – we think everything is about us, any type of disagreement is a personal attack. It isn’t. You can’t control how other people act toward you or respond to you. However, you can control your response. So, stop taking everything so personally. Stop making assumptions and start asking incisive questions.

5. Live In The Moment

Planning for the future is good but living rooted in the past and failing to enjoy this very moment – is wrong. It’s a way to avoid responsibility, and if you want to really take control it’s time to start living in the moment. The only way you can redeem past mistakes and create the perfect future is by giving now everything you’ve got.

6. Be Happy

Happiness is a decision and the key to unlocking its door is gratitude. Happiness isn’t external, other people can’t do it for you – only you can. So, go out of your way to do activities that bring you joy – head to the ball game, listen to your favorite band, and surround yourself with the people you love.

Take Responsibility For Exactly Where You Are In Life – Inspirational Speech –Watch FREE On Youtube:

Transcript Source– Take Responsibility For Exactly Where You Are In Life (Inspiring Speech)

One of the most powerful things you will ever do for your life is TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT.

Take responsibility for exactly where you are right now.

To acknowledge: it’s ME that must be better.
To say: I’m sorry, to others or to yourself.

Because, when you accept full responsibly for your life, YOU TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

That means accepting full responsibility for the quality of your relationships,
 taking full responsibility for your results,
 taking full responsibility for EVERYTHING.

Because when you take responsibility, you take CONTROL. When you blame others, you have no control over your life.

If your quality of life, in your mind, is determined by the actions of others, or a result of your past, you are a prisoner to that past, and at the mercy of other people and their actions.

When you are constantly blaming other people and circumstances for where you are in life, there’s nothing you can do to fix it, because there is nothing you can do to fix them.


How can I see things differently?

How can I grow, so no event, and no person can change how I feel? Nothing can change my direction and purpose in life.

Maybe it means removing yourself from certain situations, environments, or toxic people… whatever the case, it’s YOU that has to accept that YOU are the only person that can make those changes, and therefor make your life better.

It’s full ownership. Full ownership of your state of mind, full ownership of your mindset. Not the circumstances. Not others behaviour. Not the wrong doing of others. But how you respond to it all.

There’s nothing more powerful you could do for yourself, than develop a mindset that can handle any situation with clarity, perspective and strength. Nothing.

If you can handle any person or any situation, in complete peace and clarity of purpose, nothing will ever get to you. Nothing will stop you from moving toward, and living your purpose.

Full ownership. Full responsibility.

It’s letting go of the story. The story of why you can’t. The story of “why always me.” The story of the victim. The story of your limits.

It’s letting it all go. Releasing that heavy weight from your back. That weighted burden you’ve been dragging around for years, that does NOTHING to strengthen you. It’s only been draining the life from you.

It’s time to let that go, stand tall and be free of it. Experience the freedom that comes when you DECLARE that you are in charge of your feelings and emotions. NO ONE ELSE.

No one can invade your peace without your permission.
No one can knock you off your path, off your centre without your permission.
No one can stop you from believing in the GOOD of this world. No one can stop you from knowing your power, your purpose here in life.

No one and no circumstance can stop you from working toward your purpose. No one can, because you take full responsibility for everything. You own up to all your actions, your mistakes, your failures, your wins, your losses, your setbacks and your GROWTH

It’s all on you, and that’s where your greatest power is. YOU ARE YOUR GREATEST POWER. You’ve always known it at some level. Now you take ownership of it.

The problem is, when you tell people they need to take responsibility for their life, they look around and say… “I don’t want to take responsibility for this” “I didn’t create this mess”. No, you didn’t create it consciously. That’s just the thing. 95% of our beliefs, thoughts and past actions come from subconscious programming… and the only way to transform our lives and completely flip the script is to form new habits.

We form new habits by first DECIDING WE MUST CHANGE, and then by taking clear, decisive and conscious repetitive actions. Repetition.

Create new powerful habits in their place, with consistent repetition, every single day.

DECIDE that your FUTURE happiness is worth far more than holding on to your past problems.

UNDERSTAND that you will never win by holding on. You will NEVER LIVE your greatest life, and you will never be happy, holding on to grudges or blaming other people or circumstances for where you are in life.

Pause for a moment and hear that again. Really take it in, because it is so true and so important:

You will NEVER… NEVER… live your greatest life… you will never be TRULY HAPPY… by holding on to past problems, by holding on to grudges or blaming circumstances and other people for where you are in life, emotionally, financially, wherever you are.

YOU CAN ONLY WIN, by moving on. YOU CAN ONLY WIN by taking full responsibility.

Full responsibility for where you ARE. Full responsibility for where you WANT TO GO. YOU CAN ONLY WIN by taking control, RIGHT NOW, and moving forward with your life.

Will you take that step?


Oprah on Taking Responsibility for Your Life

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