Act With Intention – The Power of Deliberate and Proactive Action

Acting with intention means that as you do or complete something, you do so with total awareness of the situation. And although this may sound like an easy feat, it actually can be quite difficult, especially because humans are somewhat resistant to change and often perform tasks in the same way without thinking. But once you decide to make powerful and deliberate actions, you will find yourself transforming, both inside and out.

1| Switch It Up

Humans are creatures of habit, and chances are you have quite a few actions you perform daily without thinking, such as brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. In order to become more mindful, and act with intention, it’s time to switch up your routines. If you usually shower then brush your teeth, try reversing it. Same goes if you usually brush your teeth with your right hand, try your left instead. This will open up your mind to having to think about these actions which it usually takes for granted. And you may just find a better way to complete an activity you do each day. 

2| Set A Timer

Set a bunch of random timers to go off during the day. Or better yet, have a friend or family member set them for you. Then each time a timer goes off, pause what you are doing and take a moment to think about your actions. Art you acting with intent? Or just going through the motions? It’s important to recognize the difference, and if you find you aren’t making deliberate actions, it’s time to change it so you are. You will find that you not only perform the task better, but you will learn something new from completing it. 

3| Use Your Senses

Next time you are completing an activity which you participate in daily (usually out of habit) pause for a minute and check in with all your senses. Are you truly getting everything you can out of the experience at hand? Or are you just on autopilot for the ride? The more deliberately you use your senses to evaluate your situations, the better you will be able to handle unexpected variations as well as make proactive adjustments as needed. You might find something new and special in an activity you do every day.

4| Look For Reasons

Start looking for reasons in your everyday life in every action that you complete. If you always put something back in the same place, ask yourself why you do so. If you always buy the same brand of a product, establish why. You may find that you do a number of actions on a daily basis “just because” with no intention behind them. And you can’t transform your life if you don’t know the things you are doing without intention. 

After you have established the tasks you are doing in your life without intention, and start to transform them into tasks you do with intention, you will find that you not only complete the tasks more efficiently, but that you also feel more confident in the way which you do them. You will become more present, and mindful in your tasks, and better to help others with theirs. 

Acting with intention puts you on the path to becoming a leader, as when others see you acting purposefully and the results it produces, they will want to follow your example. You will also eliminate tasks which you may not need in your life, leaving you more room to pursue your dreams and to achieve success. And you’ll be able, with ease, to conquer whatever hurdles may come your way.

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