Top 10 Power Habits For Your Professional Life

Looking to improve your professional life in 2023? Consider adopting these ten power habits to make the new year one of your very best yet at work. Adopting strong habits to support yourself professionally is one of the best ways to find success in your job, no matter what you do.

Network as much as you possibly can.

Get into the habit of networking, or getting to know other professional people within your specific career realm, as often as possible. Meeting new people within your professional area is an excellent way to learn tons of new and useful information – everywhere from places hiring for better pay, chances to learn new skills, and methods for using your skills in other areas. Rather than shying away from new people, take advantage of opportunities to meet and greet new folks. You never know what kind of opportunities or information they could introduce to you.

Gain new professional skills that will help you move forward in your career. 

Get into the habit of being a lifelong, continual learner. Just because you finished school or job training doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else for you to learn regarding your chosen field. 

There are many opportunities all around for engaging in professional development; get into the habit of seeking these opportunities out and taking advantage of them. Not only will they help you stay “in the know” of the current trends in your career field, but these new skills also make you a more valuable employee.

Keep some thank you cards handy and send them to people as needed throughout the year.

Get into the habit of sending folks a thank you card whenever it’s appropriate to do so. Sending a quick, personal, handwritten thank you note to a colleague is an excellent way to build professional relationships with kindness and respect. A handwritten thank you card shows the other person that you want to take the time to give them a personalized show of your appreciation for them – and that token of thanks will likely make them remember you as a kind and thoughtful person later.

Keep your work life and personal life well-balanced.

One of the very best habits you can form to make your professional life better is establishing and maintaining a strong sense of work-life balance. Achieving work-life balance means you have good control over the amount of time you spend at work compared to the amount of time you spend doing other things in your life, such as hobbies, having a social life, and beyond. Getting into this habit will make you a happier employee and person – it ensures that you keep your work-related issues at work and your personal life protected from undue stress and anxiety.

Keep your office or work space as clean and organized as possible.

Get into the habit of tidying and organizing your workspace or office on a regular basis. For example, some people like to “clean as they go,” ensuring they leave their workspace clean and ready for the next day before leaving. Others do this on a weekly basis, making sure their workspaces are ready for the next week. Regardless of your cleaning and organizing preferences, getting into the habit of routinely cleaning and organizing helps you work more productively.

Say “yes” when new opportunities arise at work. 

It’s often tempting to turn down a new opportunity at work, even if it offers a lot of potential success. For example, you may be tempted to say no to a new opportunity because you feel like you aren’t talented enough to handle it or you don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. By declining it, you lose all opportunities to potentially succeed and grow professionally. Instead, get into the habit of saying yes to new opportunities at work – you never know when they might lead to advancement, and at the very least, you’ll be exposing yourself to new learning opportunities.

Become a good note taker.

Taking notes during your conversations – whether they’re happening informally around the break room,  at meetings, or over the phone – is an excellent habit to develop in your professional life. Note takers develop careful, detailed records of their conversations, which often become useful after the conversations have ended. For example, by taking good notes, you have a record of the conversation to revisit when you’re trying to remember when you talked about something or when someone explained something important to you.

Practice good listening skills. 

In the workplace, good listening skills are a must. When you are having conversations with your boss, supervisors, coworkers, or employees, practice being more of a listener in your conversations rather than a “responder.” Responders only listen because they want to formulate their next response in the conversation. In contrast, listeners pay careful attention to what the other person is saying because they know it’s the best way to learn more about the other person, the workplace, and more. Getting into the habit of listening is an excellent way to move forward professionally (and learn a lot in the process). 

Be punctual with your workday.

Get into the habit of paying close attention to your schedule at work. For example, getting into the habit of arriving on time, going to meetings on time, and completing tasks when they need to be completed is an excellent way to keep your professional life at work running smoothly. 

Set personal deadlines that are slightly ahead of your legitimate ones for work.

An excellent habit to thrive at work in 2023 involves respecting deadlines. If you often find yourself speeding to complete tasks by preset deadlines, consider pushing those deadlines forward on your own timetable. For example, if your boss expects a big project to be finished on Friday, do your best to complete the task by Thursday. This gives you ample time to review your work and solve any last minute, unexpected problems before your boss expects your work to be completed. 

Power Habits For Professional Life.