True Freedom Lies In Your Struggles, Your Challenges, And Your Vulnerabilities

We all want to be fierce and fearless, but very few of us know what is required to reach that goal. While it may seem hard to attain, it is possible. The key is understanding that true fierceness, fearlessness, and ultimately freedom rests in embracing your struggles, challenges, and vulnerabilities. While these facets are often seen as weaknesses and many people seek to avoid them, embracing them better helps us become the fiercest and fearless version of ourselves. 

Get Comfortable With Discomfort

One way to embrace your struggles, challenges, and vulnerabilities is to get comfortable with discomfort. Those things that present themselves as hardships and weaknesses in our lives can bring about a lot of negative feelings and emotions such as sadness, doubt, anxiety, and stress among others. 

This is why so many people work so diligently to avoid struggles and vulnerability so that they don’t have to deal with these feelings. However, the better we are able to embrace the discomfort of the emotions that challenges bring about, the easier we can move forward when we are faced with struggles. 

Take Time to Learn

There is much that can be learned from periods of struggle, challenges, and vulnerabilities. Rather than attempting to ignore or rush past these hardships, taking the time to fully examine them can be quite beneficial. 

There is power in learning and growing from a struggle. It means that the challenge ended up serving a beneficial purpose that can help us to grow and develop as individuals and make progress in our lives. When we are intentional about trying to learn from these challenges and moments of vulnerability, we can apply what we learn to other situations and periods of life and see success as a result. 


A big part of finding the fierceness and fearlessness within struggles, challenges, and vulnerabilities comes from the way you choose to view these things. If your mindset is negative then your approach will follow suit and be negative too. 

However, if you are determined to find the good and opportunities in these hardships, then your approach will be more positive. This means you’ll be able to pivot and adapt easier than someone who pessimistically approaches similar situations. 


So much energy can be spent trying to fight against struggles, challenges, and vulnerabilities that it leaves you exhausted and bitter by the end. This is mostly because you’ll find that these things cannot be avoided. 

The sooner you are able to accept that these elements are a part of life, the more resilient you are able to become. Living in denial only prolongs the process of having to deal with what is before you. Once you deal with something, however, it’s done and you are free to move past it. 

Contrary to popular opinion, it is good to embrace your struggles, challenges, and vulnerabilities. These things are not weaknesses. Rather, they are what make you unique and what help you to learn more about yourself and life. 

With the knowledge and insight, you gain you become uniquely equipped to deal with future challenges and develop the resilience needed to continue to experience great growth in your life. Taking steps like those listed above and others like it can help you get to a place where it is easier to embrace these things so that life can be more freeing and enjoyable.