Be Fierce and Fearless: Find Your Courage from Within

Being courageous doesn’t have to be doing any death-defying acts. It can be in the little things we do each day, like speaking up at a meeting.

So, how come some people are so brave? While others seem to quiver in their boots at the thought of doing anything remotely courageous?

Scientists believe there are several facets to being fierce and fearless. Yet, they all agree that courage is like a muscle. The more you practice being brave, the braver you’ll feel.

Through daily practice, you can address your anxiety and low self-esteem. Consequently, you’ll be able to strengthen your ability to make difficult decisions.

Read on to learn how to be fierce and fearless so you can find your courage from within.

Focus on Your Present

Meditation is one of the most sought-after techniques to reduce feelings of anxiety and panic. Taking a few minutes out of your busy day to sit still in a quiet corner can do wonders for your spirit.

Just soak up everything this moment has to offer by doing some simple mindfulness meditation techniques. Take in all the sounds and smells around you.

Some people like meditating with their eyes closed. Others like to use their five senses to absorb everything around them. It’s up to you. The important thing is to concentrate on your breathing and just let yourself be.

Share Your Time

According to a study carried out by John Hopkins University, volunteering only a couple of hours each week is a great way to reduce stress and boost courage. It can also slow down, and even prevent, a decline in cognitive functions.

The reason? When we’re happy, we don’t have time to be afraid or anxious or afraid. We’re too busy looking at things from a more balanced, more positive point of view.

Remember that fear and stress tend to isolate us in a panic-stricken bubble. They keep us trapped in our heads where it can get very lonely very fast.

So, by volunteering, you get to step out of your head and take a breather. Also, seeing those who are less fortunate than you can trigger feelings of gratitude and empathy. Both give you better control of your emotions and put a stop to any self-sabotaging talk.

Accept Your Fears

Fear isn’t a fact. It’s an emotion. Keep repeating this mantra to yourself every day. Pretty soon, your brain will get the idea and the nagging will stop.

Plus, fear is physically and mentally draining. Why let yourself go through all that? All you’ll end up doing is sabotaging your cognitive functions. You’ll feel tired all the time. Even worse, you may even start suffering from chronic issues due to the incessant stress you’re putting your body through.

You have the power to take control of your emotions by changing the way you think. Practice seeing the good in everything, even if it’s barely there.

The important thing is to take a step back and gain some objectivity. Look at your fears from afar, acknowledge and accept them. You’ll notice that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

After a while, your positivity will pay off. Use your inner courage to help you get past it, grow from it, and become more fearless.

Broaden Your Horizons

Sometimes, fear does more harm than good. Let’s say there’s this project at work you’ve been working on for the past month. It’s due in a week and you have to present it to your bosses at a board meeting. But you have a stomach-lurching fear of public speaking.

So, what do you do? Do you let a colleague swoop in and take credit for your hard work? Or do you practice giving the presentation days in advance so that you’re ready and prepared?

The latter option is more terrifying! But it’s the right thing to do, even if your brain keeps telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

Yet, you have to put your foot down and put a stop to all the ‘what ifs.’ Look for courage from within so you can silence that negative self-talk and increase your faith in your abilities.

The only way to get there is by going through your fears. So, you decide to go through with the presentation, and once finally done, your knees are shaking. But you feel invincible!

Now, you can rejoice at having conquered fear and impressed your bosses at the same time. Now, that’s what I call fierce!

A Final Note

The future is uncertain. It’s a fact of life and there’s not much you can do to change it. What you can do, however, is to control how you live today.

This is where courage enters. The more courageous you are, the more you can face your fears. You’ll start doing things that make you feel happier and more alive.

Take this opportunity to learn new things and meet new people with similar interests. Why not challenge yourself each month by doing something that scares you?

After all, the more opportunities you have to practice, the stronger your ‘courage muscles’ will be.