25 Fresh Start Affirmations

One thing that all of us come to find out at some point or another is that life can be tough. It involves a perpetual cycle of highs and lows, success, and failure. In order to stand strong through all of life’s seasons, it is important that your sense of well-being originate not from external feedback or motivation, but from within your own mind. 

The things that you tell yourself matter more than you may think. We all are engaged in internal dialogue on a semi-constant basis, talking to ourselves silently (or even externally, especially in the car, anyone?). Given the frequency of these conversations, positive self-talk is critical to remaining motivated and confident. 

Daily affirmations are an effective way to maintain positive and uplifting conversations within your own mind. Given that each day is a brand new opportunity to improve, develop and resolve the mistakes you may have made the previous day, starting each new day off by filling your mind with simple, motivating mantras can provide a much more optimal outlook.

25 Positive Affirmations To Make A Fresh Start

The following 25 affirmations are meant to be recited on a regular basis that will encourage you to conquer each day, giving your best effort despite any setbacks or obstacles. You may choose to go through all of them or select the ones that resonate the most with you. Either way, hopefully these daily affirmations will be just the catalyst you need to wake up each day ready to take advantage of the fresh start. 

1| Yesterday is gone. I let it go and look forward to starting anew. 

2| I am not defined by my failures or my successes. My mistakes do not weigh heavy on my heart and my triumphs do not go to my head. I am the sum total of my effort being poured into my passions. 

3| I do not overly concern myself with outcomes, for there are variables I cannot control. With everything that I attempt to accomplish, I simply give my absolute best effort and let the outcomes fall where they may. 

4| I envision each and every one of my successes which gives me strength in pursuing my new beginning. 

5| I do not view each failure as a blemish on my reputation nor an insurmountable obstacle, rather an invaluable lesson to be taken advantage of the next time I make a fresh start. 

6| The obstacles I faced and overcame in my past give me fortitude and inner-strength to begin again. 

7| Today is a new day. Today I can start again. Today is a fresh beginning filled with endless possibilities. 

8| If and when hardships and challenges present themselves, I can overcome them just as I have done so in the past. 

9| I welcome change. Change is opportunity. Change is hope. Change is something I embrace and look forward to. 

10| This new beginning is a teacher. I learn new things. I grow. 

11| I do not waste my time and energy on things that I cannot influence, rather I focus all of my will and intent on the things I can directly affect. 

12| With this new beginning I reach for the unknown, and I am so excited about all the things that will be right. 

13| I resist thoughts of self-doubt and fear and instead remain the captain of my own mind and this fresh start journey.

14| I have every right to change my mind or the direction of my life whenever I choose. I follow  what I feel is right for me. 

15| When I feel that I am going nowhere or have reached a perpetual plateau, I am free to start again. I am free to pave a new way. I am free to redesign my life. 

16| The challenges I face are my compass, directing me to take a new stand, find a new road and shift gears. 

17| Although I know that achieving remarkable goals requires a long, hard process, I move forward anyway because I am fueled by my passions. 

18| I am already equipped with all of the talent and intelligence I need to achieve everything I am dreaming about. 

19| My mind is a calm, focused environment where I can process all of the challenges I will face as I journey to my fresh start. 

20| I have people in my life who are cheering me on and willing to have my back should I need a helping hand. 

21| I am confident in my abilities but always aware that I am far from alone in my everyday life.

22| By making the right decisions each day, I am not only bettering myself but also improving the world in which I live. 

23| I give myself permission to make mistakes and understand that perfection is not a realistic standard to strive for. 

24| My past does not dictate my future or my present. I say goodbye to my past so I can step out into a fresh new beginning. 

25| I have the right, responsibility, and possibility to reinvent myself as I need to whenever I need to or want to.