340 Positive Affirmations To Get Through Hard Times

Let Go of Resentments and Anger and Get Back Your Happy Times

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
The nineteenth century American poet Ralph Waldo Emmerson once said, “For every minute of anger you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

This seems obvious but it becomes a lot more powerful when you realize the things that make us angry may happen very quickly. By holding on to this anger for long after the incident is over, we prolong our own unhappiness. Other people or events can make us angry, but it is within our own power to move on. So, how do you let go of resentments and anger and get back your happy times?

Allow Yourself to Feel Anger – For a Moment

This is about letting go of anger. It’s not about never feeling anger. Anger is a natural emotion that everyone feels from time to time. Pretending that you don’t feel it won’t help, it will only prevent you from processing those emotions in a natural way.

When something goes wrong and upsets you, give yourself a moment to allow yourself to feel angry. Find a way to let the anger out, like taking a quick jog or just a few deep breaths. Next, ask yourself what’s happened and why it angered you.

Once you have a firm grasp on your thought process, ask yourself whether it is helpful. If it is helpful, learn what you can from it. If it isn’t helpful, stop thinking about the problem and start thinking about what to do next.

Look at the Future Instead of Dwelling on the Past

One of the best ways to not only let go of resentments but to avoid them all together is to focus on solutions instead of on setbacks.

Anger isn’t only unpleasant, it’s also unproductive. When you’re spending time griping about how things didn’t go your way, you’re wasting time and energy that could go into finding a solution to the problem. Instead of something that is good for your plan or is not good for your plan, look at everything and say, “it is what it is,” and keep moving forward.

Focusing on what to do next isn’t just productive, it can also help you to feel better. There’s something comforting about making progress, even after a setback. More than that, however, looking for a solution can help to get your mind off of the setback by distracting you from what just went wrong.

Look at Things as Challenges Rather Than Problems

Changing the way that you think about setbacks in general can also help you to move on from them more quickly.

Instead of thinking of the issue as a setback, think of it as a challenge. Most advancement and recognition in this world comes from overcoming challenges, so in a way, everything that goes wrong is an opportunity for those who can find a way to correct it.

What if Another Person Upsets You?

Of course, not everything that makes you angry is something that goes wrong. Other people can make us angry in the ways that they interact with us.

When someone says something that makes you angry, think of it as not being their fault. It could be that they didn’t mean to upset you. Ask yourself what it was. Now, ask yourself whether the person had any way of knowing that what they said would upset you. They probably didn’t. But what if they did?

Think about times that you have said or done things that upset someone. Chances are, it wasn’t because you were angry at that person but because you were angry about something else and that person simply crossed your path. Could this be the case?

If they didn’t know that what they said would hurt you, look at it as a teachable moment and help them to understand what happened. If they did know that what they said would hurt you, try to find out what’s actually bothering them and see if you can help them or make them feel better.

Anger is such a simple emotion but overcoming it can be so hard. Learning to overcome your anger and let go of your resentment can help you to be more productive as well as to regain your inner calm and happiness.

Handle Hard Times: You Are Resilient Affirmations

1. I have a history of surviving. 

2. I am capable of defeating all the odds. 

3. Doubt has no hold over me. 

4. I easily manage change. 

5. The life I want is the life I deserve. 

6. My possibilities are endless. 

7. I write my story. 

8. I might bend, but I will never break. 

9. A scar is just additional armor. 

10. A setback is simply a detour. 

11. No matter what, I will keep moving forward. 

12. I release everything that weighs me down. 

13. I release everything that holds me back. 

14. Disruption does not last forever. 

15. I believe in my power. 

16. The universe supports my path. 

17. I have the strength and wisdom I need to handle anything. 

18. I can seek help when I need it. 

19. I can adapt. 

20. The universe lights my way. 

Empathy Affirmations

1. I am strong, I am compassionate. 

2. My compassion is boundless. 

3. All feelings are valid, everyone deserves love. 

4. I’m the author of my story. 

5. I choose joy, happiness, and compassion. 

6. I find it easy to show empathy. 

7. I understand other’s feelings with ease. 

8. I can remain sensitive while speaking my mind. 

9. I am known for my compassionate personality. 

10. I relish helping others. 

11. I can help others manage stressful times. 

12. I find it easy to show compassion. 

13. I find it easy to help others. 

14. I find it easy to see the good in others. 

15. With every passing day, my empathy improves. 

16. I enjoy learning how to be more empathetic. 

17. Other’s feelings are important to me. 

18. I find it easy to imagine myself in someone else’s shoes. 

19. Strengthening my empathy will improve my life. 

20. I want others to rely on me for empathy. 

Handle Hard Times: Relax The Body And Mind Affirmations

1. I am capable of handling even the most difficult things. 

2. I might feel like I won’t survive, but I know I will. 

3. No matter how I feel, I can always find calm within. 

4. Breathing slowly invites calm and peace. 

5. No thoughts can last forever. 

6. No feelings can last forever. 

7. Though I may feel afraid, I also feel love. 

8. Part of humanity is pain, I will survive regardless. 

9. There are always people to turn to in times of crisis. 

10. When life is unkind, I show myself kindness. 

11. Pain is part of healing. 

12. I am stronger than I could ever know. 

13. I can control my words and deeds. 

14. When I feel overwhelmed it’s a reminder that I care. 

15. I can control the next thought. 

16. The space in my heart is unlimited. 

17. Overwhelm is an opportunity. 

18. Overwhelm does not impact my worth. 

19. Thoughts aren’t facts. 

20. I won’t be overwhelmed forever. 

Stress Management During Tough Times Affirmations

1. Peace is power. 

2. I let go of anxious thoughts. 

3. Like a willow branch I may bend, but I will never break. 

4. Stress exits my body when I exhale. 

5. I always choose joy even in the toughest of times. 

6. This moment is merely temporary. 

7. I will always do my best and my best is enough. 

8. My talents are endless and I can call upon them when necessary. 

9. I am confident, I am strong, I am capable. 

10. It is not a difficulty, it’s a challenge. 

11. I believe in myself. 

12. I can feel tension melting. I can do this. 

13. I radiate peaceful energy. 

14. I manage stress healthily. 

15. I control my stress levels. 

16. I am centered, I am peaceful, I am proud. 

17. I am stress-free and in control. 

18. I find it easy to manage stressful situations. 

19. I can handle this situation. 

20. Relaxation is my natural state. 

Handle Hard Times: Feel Your Feelings Affirmations

1. I am allowed to feel however I am feeling. 

2. My feelings do not define me. 

3. No matter how I feel I have a say. 

4. I can manage discomfort, I can overcome this. 

5. I do not need healing to be worthy. 

6. It’s okay if I don’t feel okay. 

7. No matter what I’m okay, I’ll be okay. 

8. I control my emotions, they do not control me. 

9. It’s healthy to feel my emotions. 

10. Every feeling is valid, there is no right or wrong. 

11. It is my right to feel my feelings. 

12. My feelings make me human. 

13. I feel more alive when I’m in touch with my emotions. 

14. My feelings are valid even when they’re wrong. 

15. I don’t need to hide my feelings. 

16. I choose to feel my emotions, even if they are negative. 

17. I cherish my emotions. 

18. I feel comfortable with my feelings. 

19. My feelings fuel my goals. 

20. I trust my emotions and I value my feelings.

See Past The Hardship Affirmations

1. My mind is my biggest obstacle, but I can overcome anything.

2. I can’t control everything, but I can control my reactions. 

3. I will focus on overcoming. 

4. No matter what is going on I know that I am blessed. 

5. Whatever comes my way, I can manage it. 

6. I don’t ignore the negative by being positive, I simply find a different way. 

7. I don’t worry about what if, I focus on what next. 

8. I will choose my outcome. 

9. I’m a product of my choices and I will make good choices. 

10. No matter what I face I will always get back up. 

11. Every step I take is one in the right direction. 

12. I rely on my patience to manage hardship. 

13. I view hardship as a new challenge and I relish a challenge. 

14. I skip anger and search for the lesson. 

15. I find strength in peace. 

16. I’m proud of my power to overcome. 

17. Hardship drives me forward. 

18. Hardship helps me grow. 

19. Giving up is harder than pressing forward. 

20. No hardship can hold me down. 

Acceptance – Let Go Of That Which You Cannot Control Affirmations

1. I am free of worry. 

2. I let go of all expectations. I’m good enough. 

3. I can live the life I dream of. 

4. I don’t need to control others. 

5. I give freely. 

6. I let go of the things that block my growth. 

7. I let go of old hurt that holds me back. 

8. I let go of the relationships that steal happiness. 

9. I am not tethered by material wealth. 

10. I will live my life without restrictions. 

11. My mind is free of distractions, my heart is clear. 

12. I can’t control everything, but I can control myself. 

13. I breathe easily, I breathe freely, my energy is true. 

14. My regrets have no control over me. 

15. My regrets have no power over me. 

16. I let go of everything. 

17. My breath comes easy because I let go of what I cannot control. 

18. I don’t need to control everything. 

19. I don’t need to hold onto what I can’t control. 

20. I exhale worry and inhale calm. 

No Matter How Bad It Feels Now, It Won’t Feel This Way Forever Affirmations

1. I am worthy of good things. 

2. I control my emotions and I choose happiness. 

3. No emotion lasts forever, I have enough. 

4. I can navigate any challenge or obstacle. 

5. Even in the face of uncertainty, I am relaxed and calm. 

6. I’m one step closer to getting through it. 

7. I’m writing my success story. 

8. I will let go of what I can’t change. 

9. I accept what has gone before and what is yet to come. 

10. I can always find the silver lining. 

11. If I choose happiness, then I will be happy. 

12. I have survived so far and I’ll survive again. 

13. This will make me stronger. 

14. It’s going to work out for the best. 

15. I can do anything I want. 

16. I am strong enough. 

17. I believe in myself. 

18. This feeling is temporary. 

19. This situation is temporary. 

20. It’s all going to be okay. 

Handle Hard Times: You Are Bigger Than Your Problems Affirmations

1. I am powerful enough to navigate any situation. 

2. I will choose happiness in the face of problems. 

3. I will not be defined by my problems. 

4. My problems are teaching me new things. 

5. Despite my problems, I am free. 

6. I am bigger than my problems. 

7. My contributions matter. 

8. As long as I trust myself, I will be okay. 

9. I can laugh despite my problems. 

10. I shun worry and choose serenity. 

11. I do not abide hate, I choose harmony instead. 

12. Nothing is impossible for me. 

13. I don’t need to be perfect, I am enough. 

14. I am capable. 

15. I accept everyone’s imperfections. 

16. I accept my imperfections. 

17. I choose to be loving even when the world is not. 

18. It’s okay to be a work in progress. 

19. Even when things are hard, I will keep going. 

20. Nothing can steal my happiness. 

Deal With Grief And Loss Affirmations

1. I will not resist my pain, I will work through it. 

2. I won’t be the same after this, but that’s okay. 

3. I am surrounded by a strong support network.

4. My spirit is healing. 

5. I won’t hold myself back from healing. 

6. I see love all around me. 

7. Grief will pass and other emotions will come. 

8. I can retain love and let go of loss. 

9. I choose to heal. 

10. I am grateful 

11. I am healing and I will be gentle with myself. 

12. I will remain focused on my memories and blessings. 

13. I have gratitude our paths crossed. 

14. Nothing will break the bonds of love. 

15. Today is about healing. 

16. I will focus on blessings. 

17. Everything ends eventually, this is a new start. 

18. Every life has meaning. 

19. This pain will heal. 

20. I am never alone. 

Let Go Of Fear Affirmations

1. Whatever comes my way, I can handle it. 

2. A setback will make me stronger. 

3. I am powerful and I am strong. 

4. I am brave, I am courageous enough to take chances. 

5. I can achieve anything I set my mind to. 

6. With every passing day, my confidence grows. 

7. I possess limitless abilities. 

8. I deserve happiness. 

9. I let go of stress, tension, and fear. 

10. I always do my best. 

11. I am grateful, I am strong. 

12. I see happiness and hope when I look to the future. 

13. It’s easier to move forward in courage than in fear. 

14. My dream is worth fighting for. 

15. I have unconditional love for myself. 

16. I never give up, I am resilient. 

17. I have the courage to conquer fear. 

18. The universe will protect me. 

19. I am as determined as I am confident. 

20. I am fearless, I am fierce. 

Find Courage From Within Affirmations

1. I can handle whatever today brings. 

2. I don’t worry. 

3. I am daring, I am bold. 

4. I will take action today. 

5. I am fearless, I am strong. 

6. Challenges are my specialty. 

7. Fear dissolves before me. 

8. I am capable of doing this. 

9. I radiate courage in every situation. 

10. I am prepared to tackle any adventure. 

11. I have the strength to handle this. 

12. I can draw on the universe’s strength. 

13. My possibilities are endless. 

14. I possess profound inner strength. 

15. I’m strong, I’m unstoppable. 

16. I live beyond fear and doubt. 

17. I let go of self-doubt and embrace courage. 

18. I accept myself as I am. 

19. I have what I need to succeed. 

20. I will persist until I find success. 

Trust Yourself That Whatever Happens, You’ll Handle It Affirmations

1. I trust my capabilities. 

2. I believe in my intuition. 

3. I am open to guidance and trust myself to choose wisely. 

4. I am a safe person to trust. 

5. I am a safe person to follow. 

6. I am a safe guide. 

7. I believe in myself. 

8. I am worthy of trust. 

9. I own my choices. 

10. I own my decisions. 

11. I listen to my intuition. 

12. I can share my true self. 

13. I possess all of the wisdom I need. 

14. I am aware, I am grounded, I am ready. 

15. I am capable of dealing with difficult things. 

16. I am walking the right path, my course is clear. 

17. I am safe, I am well. 

18. Love, happiness, and peace live within me. 

19. My inner voice is loud, confident, and clear. 

20. I have the courage to be who I am. 

Have Faith In Yourself To Survive Affirmations

1. I embrace my self-worth. 

2. I support myself in the effort to achieve my goals. 

3. There is nothing I cannot do. 

4. I manifest love, health, and success. 

5. Success does not define my self-worth. 

6. I manifest success with my talents. 

7. I am valuable. 

8. Mistakes help me grow, I will survive them. 

9. I am brimming with enthusiasm and confidence. 

10. Change helps me grow, I embrace it. 

11. I am courageous, I will live courageously. 

12. I feel empowered when I face my fear. 

13. I release all of the pain from my past. 

14. I will persist until I am clear. 

15. Fear doesn’t overwhelm me, I push through it. 

16. My future is bright, I will endeavor for it. 

17. I am worth fighting for. 

18. My accomplishments are mine and I am proud. 

19. I am filled with beauty and strength. 

20. Every day is an opportunity to succeed. 

Release The Frustration Of Powerlessness Affirmations

1. I am a calm person in complete control. 

2. I own my emotions, I am in control of my life. 

3. My anger becomes my passion and I funnel my energy positively. 

4. I am at peace with everyone and at harmony with everything. 

5. I forgive and I forget. 

6. I don’t allow external circumstances to impact my inner peace. 

7. Whatever happens externally I am at peace internally. 

8. My nature is calm, and peace is my natural position. 

9. I am powerful but peaceful. 

10. I choose passion, playfulness, and peace. 

11. I attract harmony and peace. 

12. I will transform negativity into positive action. 

13. I am free of frustration. 

14. I feel light and free. 

15. My life is dedicated to harmony and peace. 

16. Frustration is temporary. 

17. Frustration is fuel to my powerful fire. 

18. I am peaceful, I am free of anger. 

19. I choose passion and power over anger and fear. 

20. I don’t waste my time with frustration. 

Embrace Optimism Affirmations

1. I am awesome and I believe that. 

2. My natural state is powerful confidence. 

3. I am optimistic, I am free.

4. My heart is brave, I am secure, I am safe. 

5. Wherever I go, I radiate positivity. 

6. I love myself unconditionally. 

7. I deserve to live a beautiful life. 

8. My self-worth grows every day. 

9. I am enough just as I am.

10. I thrive in life. 

11. I deserve respect and happiness. 

12. My self-love boosts my confidence. 

13. I am brimming with confidence and pride. 

14. I am charming, I am successful. 

15. I know my qualities and I use them to the best of my ability. 

16. I believe in myself. 

17. I achieve results. 

18. I am driven, I am smart, I am successful. 

19. I attract positivity because I am optimistic. 

20. I deserve satisfaction. 

Calm Frustration Affirmations

1. I can remain in control when I feel my anger. 

2. I remain in harmony and at peace. 

3. Next time I will do better. 

4. I let go of all my pent-up frustration and anger. 

5. I will stop and relax to think before I act. 

6. I clear my angry thoughts and release my negative feelings. 

7. I find managing my frustration as natural as breathing. 

8. I can find a respectful way to express my frustration. 

9. I am made of patience. 

10. It’s easy to calm down and relax. 

11. I am anger-free and filled with contentment. 

12. Frustration is only temporary. 

13. I will speak my mind rather than allow my frustrations to build. 

14. I release all anger and frustration. 

15. I can easily detach from frustration to manage my emotions. 

16. I refuse frustration and embrace tranquility. 

17. I will not allow my frustration to control me. 

18. I will diffuse frustration and channel my emotions productively. 

19. I feel powerful when I manage my frustration. 

20. Frustration wastes moments I could be calm and content.