Confidence Affirmations

40 Positive Affirmations to Boost Confidence

The key to boosting your confidence lies in reprogramming your subconscious. You can change your behaviors and increase your confidence through positive affirmations. By repeating these statements regularly will help you shut out those negative voices that have been dragging you down, whether you realize it or not.

You have to be able to identify those negative thoughts and be persistent in your bid to overcome them. It’s not good enough to create a list of affirmations, you must stick to them. Every morning, as you stand in from of the mirror, repeat your affirmation of choice as you look yourself in the eye.

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There are plenty of benefits to positive affirmations, including reinforcing your goals and helping you reach them, motivating you, increasing your focus, they can help you beat anxiety and stress, and they can even help you improve your existing relationships.

Positive affirmations increase happiness, appreciations, and gratitude.

While we have put together a list of positive affirmations, it’s best to choose just a couple to start with and you can focus on these daily and do so for few weeks. You can add in more after that.

You can repeat them throughout the day as well as if you run into an obstacle or just start to struggle with your confidence. However, that eye contact in the mirror with yourself each morning is vital to increasing your confidence.

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Below are 40 best affirmations for confidence:

  1. I produce great ideas.
  2. I am the author of my reality.
  3. I am capable of finding the positive in everything.
  4. I am my own biggest cheerleader.
  5. I’m comfortable in the person that I am. I have no need to compare myself to others.
  6. Success is my fate.
  7. I have the knowledge necessary to light my path and the paths of others.
  8. I will speak up for myself.
  9. I respect myself and I won’t let anyone put me down.
  10. I am not a doormat.
  11. I am focused and I am grounded.
  12. I am more than enough as I am.
  13. I am capable of greatness.
  14. I am capable of making difficult decisions.
  15. I am a survivor.
  16. I am capable of handling whatever life throws at me.
  17. I am becoming the best version of myself.
  18. An obstacle is just another chance to grow.
  19. I am not my past, I am better than that.
  20. I’m blessed.
  21. Each day is a new opportunity.
  22. I won’t allow anyone to take advantage of me.
  23. Even when things get tough, I won’t give up.
  24. I am bigger than my negative feelings and thoughts.
  25. I am full of joy.
  26. I will focus on improving.
  27. I am focused on the positives.
  28. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  29. I won’t allow fear to rule my life.
  30. My confidence doesn’t depend on the opinions of others.
  31. I won’t sell myself short.
  32. My inner voice is more important than external voices.
  33. I am outgoing, I am bold, and I am confident.
  34. I believe in myself.
  35. I am capable of managing difficult situations.
  36. A mistake is simply an opportunity to learn.
  37. I love myself.
  38. I choose happiness.
  39. I appreciate myself.
  40. I am worthy of trust.

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