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How To Train Your Subconscious Mind

If you want to make long-term changes to your subconscious, then you have to change the record. Beliefs, patterns, ideas, worldview, customs, and perceptions – these are all imprinted in your subconscious mind. This is the paradigm you have been living with and building up since your birth. Now, the thought of programming or training your subconscious mind might sound intimidating. Yet, it’s possible to do.

You might think that you can’t improve your self-esteem, that you will never see yourself a worthy, you’ll never be able to build a successful career or maintain a relationship. You tell yourself that you’re just never going to be as lucky as everyone else. You’ve been telling yourself this for years. With this guide and persistence, you can gradually make changes to your subconscious mind.

**Don’t expect instant gratification, it will take time and practice, but you can do it.


When you want to improve your fitness, you have to consistently exercise and also improve your diet. You won’t see any changes overnight. It will take time, but you will start to notice a difference as the weeks pass. That’s the idea behind reprogramming your subconscious mind. It takes regular exercise to program your subconscious.

Bear this in mind as you embark on the process to reprogram your subconscious mind. You should know what you want, what you’re trying to improve. You also need to uncover the subconscious habits and patterns that have been holding you back. Be honest. Additionally, the best time to carry out these exercises is as you lie in bed before falling asleep.


If you’re paying attention, you will know exactly how often metaphors are used to convey particular concepts. Metaphors are used in movies, commercials, books, and beyond. You can use them to reprogram your subconscious mind.

How can you do this?

Music. Choose music that is soft, relaxing, and calming. It should be something that lulls you and this is something you will listen to every evening. This will make your brain receptive to ideas by putting yourself in almost a meditative state. When you reach this state, you can plant the seeds you want to sow. It might be that you are powerful and confident, it could be that you are calm, cool, and collected.


For this exercise, you will need to get comfortable and relax. You can use the musical method above to get into this state of relaxation. Or, through a breathing exercise. Be patient with yourself as you try to slip into relaxation mode. Now choose your goal or desired outcome. Imagine it and what life will look like once you achieve it.

How will it feel?

How does it look?

What is the result? Focus on that.

You can create a static image or picture yourself moving through this new life. Or, both. You should do this nightly.

Remember your subconscious mind is not logical, and is mainly influenced by feelings and emotions. So, try to visualize your dream life as if it has already manifested in reality. Drop every ounce of doubt or disbelief that this is a dream and not a reality. The emotions and feeling at this mental state is the key to imprint this new reality into your subconsciousness.


Again, you will need to slip into relaxation mode. Pluck a memory to the surface. It should be a positive one. As you cast your mind back you will likely access several memories of all descriptions, just filter the negative ones out.

Relive your positive memory. This will provide you with a positive sensation instantly, connecting you to your subconscious mind. It’s easy to run through the negatives of your day and keep yourself awake. It’s important to focus on a positive as you nod off. You#re accessing your subconscious mind and trying to trigger profound change. Once you have relived this positive memory you can start counting backward from 100 to send yourself off to sleep.

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