Resiliency is a character trait that is undoubtedly one of the strongest predictors for success in life. Being able to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity is necessary for anyone seeking to go above and beyond the status quo. Unfortunately, too many people lack the resilience needed to go out and get what their hearts truly desire and end up settling for less.

There are several common traits shared by resilient individuals. The way these traits manifest themselves on an individual basis is always unique to the individuals’ interests, talents and specific goals. In this article, we will analyze 5 characteristics that are attributed to resilient people.

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1. Being Able To Accept Delayed Gratification

Resilient people are able to understand that most of the time, taking the easy way around an obstacle results in a less optimal end result. Being able to avoid temporary pleasure and satisfaction and instead keep the long-term goal in mind is a mandatory part of accomplishing remarkable things in life.

For the most part, anything truly worthwhile involves a lot a sacrifice and hard work on the front end. Along the way, there will always be plenty of opportunities to throw in the towel and settle for good instead of great. The resilient person is great at prolonging gratification during difficult times and not allowing themselves to compromise what they are truly passionate about.

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2. Able To Perform Outside Of Comfort Zones

As human beings, we have an inherent nature to seek comfort. Because of this, we have a strong tendency to surround ourselves in a bubble of comfort in every aspect of life. While this comfort zone is safe and familiar, it is a sure fire way to plateau success and achievement.

Stepping outside of these comfort zones is all but impossible for most people. These self-imposed boundaries are often reinforced for long periods of time. What makes resilient people so unique is their ability to shed the fear of change and the unknown, venturing out into unchartered territories in their life in search of something more.

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3. High Sense Of Self-Worth

An unavoidable part of process of achieving big things is negative feedback and criticism from the people around us. Given that the majority of people have decided what they can and cannot do, they try to place the same limitations on everyone else. On the path to achievement, this criticism tends to continue all the way to success, where these voices of negativity suddenly begin to sing your praises.

Resilient people are able to overcome this negativity through all the obstacles and setbacks by maintaining a strong sense of self-worth. By believing in themselves when nobody else does, they are able to accomplish what no one else will.

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4. Ability To Fail Forward

Too many people see failure as the end of the road, mission failed, game over. When faced with temporary defeat, they throw in the towel. What these types of individuals fail to realize is that failure is a necessary part of achievement.

The resilient person is always able to see failure for what it is; a lesson to be used for success on the next go around. When they fail, the use the lesson to fail BETTER the next time. Over time, these failures allow them to inch closer and closer to their goals.

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5. Great At Seeing The Bigger Picture

Setting remarkable long-term goals while being shortsighted are two things that cannot coexist. The path to excellence and high achievement is a long and winding road full of obstacles and shortcomings. Without the ability to maintain a clear picture of the finish line, giving up prematurely is all but guaranteed.

Resilient people are able to tolerate everything thrown in their way and still maintain the strong conviction as to why they started to begin with. By keeping the big picture in mind, these individuals never lose their sense of purpose when things get hard.

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