While it’s important to nurture your body and mind, it’s equally important that you make time to nurture your spirit. They all connect, and they feed into your health and wholeness. You can’t achieve optimal health unless you balance all three of these areas.

Your body requires regular exercise and a healthy diet. Your mind requires stimulation, rest, and challenges. Your spirit, the very essence of you, requires nourishment, too. Sadly, this is often the aspect of ourselves that we overlook or downright neglect.

Once upon a time, Sundays were reserved for quiet time. For some Americans, that involved the family attending church together. For others, it was games at hime or playing in the backyard as a family. Those days are long gone. These days, many people are forced to go to work or, drowning in other activities. None of these are going to help you nurture your spirit.

3 Things You May Not Realize About Your Spiritual Health

Fruits of Spirit

When you hear the term “spiritual health,” what do you think of? Most people believe that your spiritual health is about religion or your belief in God, but you would be mistaken if you narrowed your definition to include just that.

The spirit is defined by each of us differently, and we each determine the rules, values, and principles that guide our lives as well as the virtues we find most important.

When considering your own spiritual health and well-being, did you know?

  1. Those with high levels of spirit health tend to enjoy great social, emotional, and physical health?
  2. While religion and prayer can play a role in your spiritual health, you don’t have to pray, go to church, or even believe in God to have a healthy spirit?
  3. Believing in a higher power or having a guiding purpose in your life does not automatically mean your spirit is well and healthy?

Getting in touch with your own spiritual health while nurturing and cultivating your own peace and inner joy is a crucial step for anyone interested in true wellness.

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50 Ways To Nurture Your Spirit

If you want to get to know yourself on a deeper level and nurture your spirit, then you can start with these 50 suggestions.

1. Silence is Golden

It could be prayer, yoga or meditation. It doesn’t matter what it is, finding time to enjoy silence is vital to your spirit. There is an endless stream of chatter in your mind, it is constant. The only way to quiet the chatter, open your mind and spirit to opportunities and possibilities is to find a meditative practice to calm it.

2. Quality Socialization

Family, friends… they’re the people who support you in difficult times. In good times, they nurture your spirit. It could be going for a hike, meeting for brunch or a full-on family reunion. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to do, what matters is that you embrace quality socialization. Sometimes that is more important than that extra load of laundry.

3. Spread Happy

You don’t have to give just to receive. You can choose to gift just for the sake of gifting. It could be the gift of a compliment, a cup of coffee, tackling a chore someone else normally does or volunteering at a local non-profit. When you do for others you are ultimately doing for yourself because it makes you, and everyone else involved, feel good.

4. Hobbies

Don’t underestimate the power of passion. What’s your hobby? When you do things that you love it excites your spirit. If you can’t think of a single hobby, then there’s a good chance you’ve lost touch with your spirit. Find your hobby by going back to your past. What did you love when you were a child? Or, think about what brings you joy now? Explore a variety of activities and hobbies until you find yours.

5. Vacate

Get out of your head by leaving your normal routine. Take off for a day trip, splurge for a long weekend, go on a week-long journey. However, much time you can make to get away, do it. When you vacate your daily routine, you are nurturing your spirit and renewing yourself. Whatever you do, don’t give in to the temptation to work while you’re away.

6. Get Out

Nature offers a profound spirit nurturing opportunity. There’s something about nature that both heals and grounds us. Can you think of a time in your childhood when you’d kick off your shoes, run in the grass, and then just lay down and look up at the sky Nature holds wonder for children and it’s something we often lose as we grow older. Take time out, look at the clouds, smell nature, breathe deep, go diving, climb mountains, and just embrace nature.

7. Solitude

This solitude is separate from the silence we suggested earlier. Sometimes you just need to unplug from your devices and enjoy time on your own. Read a book, play an instrument, just chill out. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, the point is that you’re taking time out to do it by yourself.

8. Meditate

It’s important enough to have a category separate from point one. Meditation improves mindfulness, relieves stress, and helps you tap into your inner self. This is the vehicle you use to achieve spiritual growth and wellness. The good news for you is that there are several techniques that you can choose from. That can be overwhelming so, start with a simple breathing technique. When you become more comfortable with this you can consider branching out to other, deeper techniques.

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9. Become A Yogi

Often, people choose to practice yoga because of the physical benefits. However, what they don’t factor in is the transformation their spiritual and emotional selves will undergo. Part of yoga is tapping into your spirit. Yoga cultivates awareness and that can take you deeper within yourself. If you’re open-minded then there’s a real opportunity to connect.

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10. Study Spiritual Authors

Spirituality is a solitary practice. That doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the wisdom and insight of someone you know to be deeply spiritual. There is an endless supply of literature on the law of attraction, inner peace, meditation, mindfulness, and more. Determine what practice best speaks to your spirit and seek out the wisdom of some of the world’s spiritual authors.

I would recommend this fairly small channel – The Reality Revolution By Brian Scott. This is by far the best Youtube channel for beginners in esoteric learning.

11. Open Your Eyes

If you have ever left the house with a dog or a baby, then you will know just how often people stop you to visit with both. This can be an eye-opening experience. You see far more people than you tend to when you’re out and about by yourself. You should try to capture that feeling whenever you leave the house, whether there’s a child or a dog with you or not. Try to see the world through their eyes, they see everyone! You don’t have to stop and talk to every person you meet, but a smile wouldn’t go astray.

12. Embrace Beauty

If you truly want to nurture your spirit, consider embracing beauty wherever you are. That means introducing plants or floral arrangements into your home and workplace. Many plants can improve air quality, so you have that added bonus as well as the lift in spirit plants naturally provide (*).

13. Just Breathe

Deep breathing can relieve stress, increase focus, and provide you with an immediate feeling of relaxation.

The best part? It’s free! Hooray!

You don’t need equipment; you don’t need to worry about a special place to go to or any kind of planning. You can practice a deep breathing exercise anytime, anywhere.

14. Go Swimming

There is something deeply spiritual about your body connecting and moving through the water. Not only is it an excellent physical exercise, but the motions are also meditative. You focus on those motions as you swim, completely clearing your mind and focusing on the present. It’s not something most people would think about to nurture your spirit, yet it’s effective.

15. Harmonization

Music feeds your spirit in a way that not many practices or activities can replicate. When you find music that connects with your soul the feeling within you is electric. In fact, studies suggest that it’s possible for music to provide you with the same type of high that drugs do (*). So, what music makes you feel light on your feet? Make time to listen to music that feeds your spirit.

16. A Treasure Hunt

Take a morning walk and on your journey make it your goal to find something inspiring. This is your daily treasure hunt. Keep your eyes peeled for a cloud that is shaped like a cat, the contrast of colors in the plants you see, a cat out on a morning hunt, a squirrel, anything. Nature is incredible, pay attention to it as you enjoy a morning walk.

17. Think of Others

When you find yourself feeling down and discouraged, consider thinking of others. You can pray for someone or write out a thought for someone who might need it. The purpose of this exercise is to shift yourself away from your feelings of doubt and instead focus your energy to align your soul with love. In this, you will find peace and you have put positive energy into the universe for someone else.

18. Rocked to Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? In the quiet of the night, our most intrusive thoughts manage to push themselves to the forefronts of our minds. It’s amazing how just as you’re about to nod off you are suddenly wrought with guilt over a decision you made at a job you left seven years ago. You play it over and over in your head and try to fix it. You can’t. Instead, allow yourself to be rocked to sleep like a baby. How can you do this? You can recite a meditation from the comfort of bed. Or, you can get up and do a bit of spiritual reading. The purpose of these exercises is to calm your mind.

19. Connect To Others

Love is important for nurturing your spirit and it can be easy to lose sight of it. We get caught up in the stress of life and lose our connections to the people we love. When you are feeling particularly disconnected from love and everyone, reach out to someone you love. You can call, text or email, just reach out and ask someone you love how they’re doing. It’s as simple as that.

20. Eye Contact

Once you’re awake before you even wash your face take a look in the mirror and stare into your eyes. Ask yourself how you can be a more loving, joyful person today. This will set your intention for the day and keep you focused on what’s important.

21. Relish It

We’re often plunged into stressful situations. Having children is wonderful, but when you work full-time and chase after two children under four, it can be… exhausting. You can still take a moment to relish what the universe has gifted you. They may frustrate you, but you love your children and wouldn’t trade them. It might be chillier than normal, but the crisp air feels good as you draw breath. The swans in the pond may be particularly loud today, but they are a beautiful sight. Relish it.

22. Embrace the Day

Every morning, before you officially begin your day, take a moment for yourself. It could be a particularly stunning view on your way to work or the view from your living room. Regardless, take a moment to enjoy a breathing exercise while taking in a view you love.

23. Feel the Love

Remind yourself of the love that is all around you. Breathe in the scent of your partner as you listen to birds chirping and rustling in the trees. Love is everywhere, you just have to pay attention and feel it.

24. Share Abundance

How you share your abundance will entirely depend on what makes you feel most connected. Some people love gardening, while others prefer cooking. These are easy to share because you can cook up a storm and deliver meals to those who need them. You can do the same with your harvest. There are plenty of ways you can share your abundance if you think about it.

25. Surrender

Thrashing on a guitar, piano or drum-set can loosen you up. It’s a great way to let go of all the angst and stress you’ve been holding onto and helps you connect to your spirit and retain your sanity. The rhythm will get you if you let it.

26. Pin-Ups

We all need a reminder. Reminders of the people that truly matter, whether past or present. You can nurture your connection to others, therefore yourself, by pinning up pictures of the people you love.

27. Gratitude

The universe gives and it takes away. You can’t experience loss if you never experience love. That’s life. What you can do is show gratitude for and to the people and things in your life right now. From the roof over your head, the job that pays for it, and the family you have created.

28. Sing It Loud

Often, there is a deeper meaning to you in certain lyrics of songs. Music is powerful, as noted above, and we connect certain pieces of music with people, memories, smells, and moments. When a song comes to mind, sing it loud and let yourself feel connected to the memory your brain is trying to share with you. You never know how important it is.

29. Hurry Slower

Sometimes you have to slow down if you want to go faster. When you try to rush through you make more mistakes. In this case, you start to feel disconnected. Slow it all down and let your mind focus on the task at hand.

30. Animal Loving

Spending time with animals is soothing. If you don’t have a pet, you can visit a friend with one or borrow one (there are websites for that). If you do have a pet, take time to sit and cuddle. It’s easy to get lost in the moment when you are stroking the soft coat of someone who loves you more than anything. It’s therapeutic for your spirit.

31. Change

The world is a chaotic place and with everything that’s going on, it’s easy to feel helpless, hopeless and in despair. The only thing that you can control is you and your personal environment. When the world grows scarier, the more you should do to make your home a safe haven. Stay on top of the dirty dishes, make your bed every morning, recycle, iron, etc. It’s all about changing what you can and what you can do is create peace in your home. It will nurture your spirit and make you a shining light to the people in your life.

32. Take Care

There can only be one you so, look after yourself. Eat well, exercise, and protect your mental health.

33. Whistle While You Work

.. and walk. Just embrace the tune that’s playing in your head. It will make you smile, and it could brush off on others, too.

34. Smart Reading Materials

While there’s nothing wrong with getting lost in the world of fiction, we should be smarter about what we read. Choose books that will feed your spirit, whether it’s a book on nature, philosophy, and poetry. Take your book to the garden, cozy up next to the fire, grab your favorite drink and relax.

35. Soul Food

Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of emotional eating. We turn to food to make ourselves feel better. We seek comfort there. Your soul needs food, but a different type of it. Choose activities that make your soul feel fed, that’s how you nurture your spirit.

36. Find Perspective

It’s easy to feel as though the world is against you. There’s so much going on and nothing seems to go your way. In truth, the universe is busy dealing with other things. You’re important, but in the scheme of things, you’re just a small slice of the pie. That might sound negative, but it’s really amazing for your spirit to remember how small you are and how privileged you truly are to be part this incredible universe. Life seems more manageable when you look at the bigger picture.

37. Strike a Balance

Is there a treat you love? For example, you love peanut butter candies so much you could buy a pound bag and accidentally consume the entire bag in a couple of days? It’s easy to do when something is so delicious. You have to rein in your consumption and to nourish your soul you have to remember that. It’s all about striking a balance.

38. Bless This Mess

Who doesn’t dread sitting down to do the bills? It’s the worst. It feels as though as soon as money comes in, it goes back out. Change the way you think about paying your bills. Instead of dreading it, bless the fact that each of these bills represents something great. The electricity provides you with light, power, and keeps the temperature just right. Paying the mortgage/rent keeps a roof over your head. Bear this in mind as you deal with your bills.

39. Catch Enthusiasm

Have you ever noticed how excited children get when they experience something new? When was the last time you got that excited about cantaloupe? Or, peas? We can learn something from them. Your spirit can enjoy nurturing by catching the enthusiasm that children have for life.

40. Plant the Sunrise

Unfortunately, not everyone has the perfect view to enjoy the sunrise (or sunset). Nor can everyone be up at the right time to enjoy the sunrise. Plant your own. Plant and nurture plant life that blossoms anew each day. You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee and look at your plant life as you would the sunrise. You can finish your day the same way, maybe skip the coffee and enjoy chamomile instead.

41. One Hand In Your Pocket

Collect a variety of small, smooth stones. Write something on it, whether it’s faith, love or something along those lines. Select your smooth stone for the day and keep it in your pocket (or close by). When you need to be reminded of the message on that stone, reach into your pocket and rub it for a reminder.

42. Your Inner Voice

When you are disconnected from your spirit, it’s difficult to hear the whispers of your inner voice. Work on listening to your inner voice.

43. Act With Intention

Your fate is to align with your spirit and walk in the direction that it moves you. The fuel that makes it all happen is your intention. You should set your intention each morning, and it should be to close the gap between you and that ultimate goal. Be wary of selfish, false intentions like wanting someone to fail or seeking revenge. They can consume you, but they don’t connect you to your spirit.

44. Set Intentions High

Don’t set a low bar for yourself. Reach for the stars.

45. See the Light

See yourself and others in the light. We all come from the same light, remember that when you are tempted to judge others.

46. Self-Forgiveness

It’s easy to fall into selfishness. It’s easy to make mistakes and beat yourself up because of it. You have to learn to forgive yourself and move forward. Your spirit demands it.

47. Let Go

You need to learn how to recognize the point at which you should let go and move on. This is in terms of forgiving others. It isn’t for them, it’s for you and your spirit.

48. Holy, Holy, Holy

What is holy to you? Honor and respect it.

49. Let Your Spirit Lead

It’s easy to let worry and control overtake you. Resist the temptation to give into tendencies such as these. Ignore those voices and allow the inner voice of your spirit to lead you.

50. Embrace the Unknown

It takes years to strip back the layers of influence of others. The real you is hiding underneath the layers of expectations placed on you by parents, teachers, friends, employers, and beyond. It will take time and you will have to wander into the unknown, but you must embrace it.

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