Training Your Subconscious Mind

Training Your Subconscious Mind To Get The Results You Want

The author of ‘Power of Subconscious Mind’ Dr. Joseph Murphy is quoted as saying,

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.”

What’s your reality?

For years, you have allowed your subconscious mind to take control of your life and the experiences that you have had. Your subconscious mind makes decisions about your actions, the drink you pour, the food you eat, and even how you deal with stress.

How is this possible? That almost every aspect of your personhood is driven by the interpretations, beliefs, and perceptions buried in your subconscious.

Think of your subconscious as you do cruise control on your car, of the autopilot on a plane. It’s pre-programmed. You don’t have to do anything unless something interrupts that program. That’s why cruise control is only suitable for long, straight stretches of road where you don’t expect to run into anything unusual.

Your subconscious is always there, running in the background. It lies just below the surface of your waking consciousness. For example, at this moment your conscious mind is engaged. You’re using it to read and absorb the words in front of you. Lying beneath that focus, your subconscious is there working away. It absorbs, judges, and rejects information and it does that based on your perception. The perception that you have been forming since you arrived on this planet.

Every experience that you have is being soaked up like a sponge by your subconscious. When you were wrong, it didn’t reject a lot of beliefs or values. Essentially, you started out as a blank slate of beliefs and values were added by the world around you. As a child, you tend to accept these beliefs for yourself because they often come from people in authority – your parents, teachers, etc. So, you just accept that information as true. It isn’t a problem for now, but it always becomes one later in life. When a teacher told you that you were stupid or too slow. That’s stored information. When your first romantic interest said you were ugly or stupid. That’s stored information. When your parent calls you lazy. That’s stored information.

All of that stored information is just lying in waiting, in your subconscious mind, ready for your reference. Many people also receive negative messages regarding their economic status, gender, physical abilities or the color of their skin. Before your tenth birthday, all of that programming has gone into building the foundation of your beliefs.

How Default Programming Impacts Impacts You

You reach adulthood and despite your belief that you can shed the messages that harm you the most, you can’t. Whether they are untrue or simply painful, your subconscious absorbed them.

You can’t just wipe the slate clean. It’s just not that easy to override your subconscious mind because so often we are unaware of the information running in the background while we function. You only become aware of it when it starts to limit your progress. Or, it stands between you and your ability to lead a successful, productive, balanced life.

Think about a goal that you deeply struggled with. This might be a goal that you did eventually achieve or one that has eluded you for years. Think back on the journey you went on as you attempted to get there.

How often did you sabotage yourself? You didn’t realize it at the time, but with the gift of hindsight, it is now clear. Your subconscious mind has convinced you that you’re doomed to fail and so you put obstacles in your way to force that fail. As frustrating as that is, it’s important to recognize that it is default programming. It may conflict with new ideas and beliefs.

What does that mean for you right now?

Quite simply, you have to re-train your subconscious mind to get the results you want.

Your Programming Is Ongoing

Before you can train your subconscious mind, please know this – right now, to this day, this minute, you’re still undergoing programming. You draw conclusions from every experience, and you store those conclusions for later reference.

To put this into a real-life framing, imagine this. Your friend canceled on you last minute and when you offered a new date for a reschedule, they brushed you off. It made you feel rejected.

So, your subconscious mind draws a conclusion from this, stores it, and races around your memories to find other similar interactions. Suddenly, one cancellation calls up a list of every rejection you’ve ever experienced. Suddenly, you’re unlovable, you’re unworthy, and you don’t deserve friends.

When you run into something that conflicts with your existing belief system, your subconscious mind goes into overdrive. It’s either going to reject it outright or it’s going to work hard to reframe it, so it fits in with your perception of reality.

Another real-life framing would be this. As much as you hate the sliding scale of perceived attraction, you rate yourself a strong 6. When someone you perceive as an 8 shows interest in you, you can’t comprehend it. You assume it’s a trick, that they are playing a joke on you. You simply cannot believe that this extremely attractive person could be interested in someone like you. You start to undermine yourself. You reject them because you assume that you’re just beating them to the punch.

Just a simple act of self-sabotage that may have robbed you of the greatest relationship you’ve ever experienced. This self-sabotage isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships. It’s something we do with our platonic friends, too. You decide someone is much cooler or stylish than you are, and you sabotage yourself out of a great friendship.

Of course, this level of self-sabotage doesn’t stop at relationships. It creeps its insidious little fingers into every aspect of your life. When you hit an obstacle, you start to feel the struggle and you convince yourself that you’re not capable of achieving the goal. You expect failure, so you take steps to ensure you experience failure.

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Train Your Subconscious Mind To Unlock its Infinite Power

Now, for the important part! Training your subconscious mind to get the results you want, the success you want, the money you want. Let your subconscious mind build the dram life instead ruining it.

There are several ways to overcome the damaging, limiting messages being stored by your subconscious. While you could undertake all of them, it will be far more effective if you select one or two to get started. Focus your full attention on your chosen method(s) and put everything into it. You can try the others if necessary.


Have you ever stopped to consider how your environment has influenced your subconscious mind? Your subconscious is constantly absorbing information and forming beliefs based on the conclusions that it draws. If you are surrounded by negativity, if your life is nothing but strife, imagine the messages your subconscious is absorbing?

The first step you need to take is to limit the negativity in your life. Look around you and take notice of all the negativity. It might be the content that you watch, it could be the people you surround yourself with or your work environment. Avoid watching content that makes you feel angry or frustrated. Limit how much time you spend with the negative people who inject your life with toxicity. Seek out positive people, positive content, and positive situations as much as you can.

In time, as your mind absorbs these encouraging messages, it will slowly transform how you view yourself. Perhaps more importantly, how you view your potential.


Visualization might be the perfect way to train your subconscious mind if you know yourself to be a visual person. The subconscious responds positively to pictures anyway.

If you can carve out 15 minutes out of your day to dedicate to visualization, you can train your subconscious mind. You should always choose imagines that are positive and empowering. Choose images that align with what you are trying to achieve.

For example, if you and your partner struggle to overcome arguments, then start visualizing your relationship the way you want it to be. In doing so, you’re overwriting the typical and actively trying to change how you relate to your partner.

Other powerful images for visualization include, a beautiful home, a relaxing vacation, feeling passionate and excited about work.

Essentially, if it is something you want to attract into your life, then you need to visualize it daily.

When you consistently visualize positive images, you are switching out all those negative images floating in the foundational layer of your subconscious mind. Those negative images about your worries, doubts, fears, and experiences go. You replace them with positive images about your confidence, success, happiness, and joy.

You can take the visualization to a whole new level when you purposely try to create positive emotions within yourself as you visualize each image. Allow those positive emotions to wash over you and allow your subconscious to absorb these messages.


An affirmation is an excellent way to build positive messages into the subconscious mind. There are some simple rules that you should follow, though.

You should always word your affirmations in the most positive way possible. It’s also important to ensure they’re present tense. You aren’t talking about the past, this isn’t about a future version of yourself, it’s about you right now.

So be confident as you look in the mirror and utter affirmations such as I am powerful, and I am confident. Not that you will be, that you already are. Your subconscious responds to the moment, not what’s coming down the line.

When you say your affirmation, make sure you feel the emotions that correspond with them. You have to make your subconscious believe what you’re telling it. So, if you’re focusing on material possessions when you aren’t doing well financially, you have to call up how it would feel to already possess them.

Another important point to note about affirmations, repeat them. They’re not going to be effective if you only say them once or even twice. Start your morning with affirmations as you look at yourself in the mirror. Repeat them throughout the day as regularly as possible. You don’t have to speak them aloud, though you should in the morning and before bed.

Binaural Beats

Audio recordings can alter your brainwave frequency. Some people are trying audio programs to train their subconscious minds. When your motor functions are engaged, our brainwaves are gamma.

When you’re concentrating and focused, beta. When you are nice and relaxed, alpha. When you are nodding off, theta. When you’re in a deep sleep, delta.

Essentially, binaural beats are two frequencies combined to make one, new frequency (*).

The idea behind it is that it forces your brainwave to follow a pattern that it normally doesn’t. So, say you feel stressed out. There is nothing you want more than to relax and unwind. So, for you, you would be looking for beats to trigger the alpha state of relaxation mentioned above.

Combined with visualization or positive affirmations, a binaural beats program is a powerful way to overcome and retrain your subconscious mind.


Self-hypnosis, is way to help you find a backdoor to your subconscious mind and seep in positive, constructive instructions which reframes your belief system quickly.

Adopting new belief systems is the quickest and most effective way to change your life. Re-wiring beliefs in the subconscious mind is the key to having the courage to take action and change your life for the better!

Self-Hypnosis tracks are carefully crafted audios which you just need to listen for few minutes a days and virtually improve every aspect of your life.

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Open Your Mind To Prosperity

While the methods above are a few of the main efforts you can make, there are additional options available to you. These are more about your mindset and opening your mind to the success that is available to you.

The Unchangeable Change

When it comes to making changes, you have to recognize that it’s possible to change. You can’t jump from the skeptic pool straight into the daydream believer pool. There are steps between those pools and it’s up to you. You have to see the possibilities to change your life. It’s step one.

Permission to Succeed

It’s fine, I’ll be happy when I get the next promotion. Just one more.

I’ve worked hard, but I can’t stop until I shift these last three pounds. Then I’ll be happy.

Don’t fall for that old narrative. The narrative that suggests happiness is just around the corner if you can just complete this one, final, push to succeed. You are allowed to feel good about life. You’re allowed to enjoy the life that you have made.

It’s sad, but sometimes we have to permit ourselves to be successful (and happy) without guilt.

No Fear

When you start to experience the success, you have imagined for yourself you’re going to run into some issues. Unfortunately, two of the biggest issues walk hand-in-hand – fear and others. The way that other people respond to your happiness is deeply telling.

The people who rejoice with you are generally happy and content people. Those who warn you or can’t muster a congratulations, those people are led by fear. They want you to be influenced by their fear. You haven’t spent all this time retraining your subconscious mind just to allow it to be hijacked by the fears or perceptions of others. Their projections shouldn’t influence you. Don’t let them.


Have you ever felt held back from a pursuit even though you are deeply passionate about it? It may be down to a conflicting belief. When you run into troubles like this, it’s easy to self-sabotage. Instead, you have to question yourself to quickly identify the resistance causing the problem.

So, ask yourself why you’re worried about getting to where you want to be or, why procrastination makes you feel better? Break down the resistance so that you can overcome it.

If there was a body of water between you and someone you love was in peril on the other side, you would find a way over that water. Just think of it as you would this – there’s always a solution.

Master Plan

What’s your master plan for life? While 5 and 10-year plans are great, it’s difficult to set those types of goals because of the ever-changing landscape of life. You will constantly tweak and alter those 5 and 10-year plans. All of those plans, though, should feed into your master plan.

Your master plan should include your motivations, beliefs, core values, and that should tease out your ultimate goal. What you want to accomplish with this life. What kind of legacy would you like to leave after you are gone?

A master plan is the big picture and you need to gain clarity over the values that fall into it. From there, you can make decisions that always align with your master plan.


Surround yourself with positivity – from an always chilling bottle of champagne to celebrate to a morning alarm with a message of HAVE A GREAT DAY! You can fill your day with as much hopefulness and positivity as possible. Put inspirational notes around the house and workspace.

Unfriend, unfollow, avoid negative people who put you down or make you feel bad about yourself. A big part of life is growth and positivity is a key requirement of development.

Gratitude Journal

It can be difficult to recognize what you have when you’re focused on what you don’t have. A gratitude journal is an excellent way to highlight the incredible things, people, opportunities, and experiences that are going on in your life.

When you look back on everything you have to be grateful for it automatically shifts your mindset from starvation to satiated. There is satisfaction in gratitude, and it tends to magnetize abundance.

Ask For It

If you want it, just ask for it. It doesn’t even matter if you’re certain your request will be denied. It’s time for you to vocalize what you want. Sit down with your manager and tell them you want a promotion or a pay-rise.

Reach out to your dream employer. You might not get what you ask for initially, but guess what? If you just keep on asking, eventually you will.

Final Thoughts

You tend to see your journey as identifying the what and then working for the how. Often, the latter requires teamwork. It’s up to you to figure out what that looks like and how you can efficiently achieve your vision. Point being life is surprising.

We get so obsessed about the details and deciding that life should be a certain way. It’s time for you to shed that and be open to life’s incredible possibilities… even if it’s something you could have never imagined.

One of the biggest challenges of training your subconscious mind is the mystery. You can’t just open the lid of your brain and get an insight into the negative moves of your subconscious mind.

You can’t simply see what requires change. Before you can train your subconscious mind, you have to work on your self-awareness. It is self-awareness that will highlight your self-sabotage. It’s your self-awareness that will help you set yourself back on the right path.

As you progress on the path of training your subconscious mind, you will notice changes that show the methods above are working. So, if you feel happier, more confident, and even stronger, this is a good indication that you’re making progress.

If you are dealing more confidently with challenges and more willing to take risks, then you’re making progress. If you are excited about your dreams and goals rather than overwhelmed by them, then you’re making progress. If you feel conflict dissolving and inner peace taking over, then you’re making progress.

The more progress you make, the more your opportunities will expand in every area of your life. You will know and notice the shift in your subconscious mind because you will know and notice the shift within you. It’s difficult to deny the evidence.

Please remember, that by training your subconscious mind you are essentially reprogramming yourself. This is something that will take work.

The changes that you experience, they won’t be immediate. These things take time and the progress will be gradual. However, provided you are persistent and consistent you will find that these transformations are inevitable.

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