760 Affirmations To Heal From Within, Resolve Your Personal Issues, Pain and Inner Turmoil

Using affirmations is a practice to heal from within and allows us to cancel, negate and correct old negative thought patterns. Positive affirmations can improve our health and can help us live more fulfilling lives by helping us change our thought patterns to more positive and meaningful ideas. Thoughts are mental cognitions that we often perceive as real and factual, which can lead to an emotional response.

We may have experienced trauma or other painful encounters throughout our lives that have formed mental constructs in our minds. Maybe we were bullied or made fun of. Maybe we had a traumatic upbringing, or little family support, or a career that didn’t carry us as far in life as we had imagined it would. 

Whatever the issue, we can begin to form more positive and meaningful experiences when we can change our thought patterns and mindset to be more opportunistic. Doing this will allow our mind to be open to new ideas and ways of acting in the world so that we can take on new experiences without fear and with excitement. Positive affirmations are for self-confidence and power and stamina, and are also for healing, surrender and accountability.

Recognizing Our Thought Patterns

The first step to implementing positive affirmations for healing is to recognize our thought patterns and understand the root cause of our suffering or overwhelm. When it comes to our healing, we want to dig deep to determine where to do the work and where we are healed enough already to let go and move on. When a certain aspect of our lives is repetitious and keeps coming back unresolved, we know we need to do deep work. 

Diving into positive affirmations is a great way to begin this practice of reformation of the mind. We first want to recognize our thought patterns and understand where our thoughts are coming from. When we have experienced trauma or another issue we are dissatisfied with, we may begin to form detrimental thought patterns around the situation. 

We might begin to internalize or believe other people’s projections or ideas about us that are not necessarily true. Instead of allowing thought patterns and mindsets to control us, we can take control and make a decision to improve our mindset and make a new reality. 

How to Use Positive Affirmations

Creating change in our lives using positive affirmations is an easy practice but can be very profound. The practice of using positive affirmations involves the repetition of a phrase or idea that is new to the mind and cancels out or changes a negative thought or belief that we hold. 

When we identify a negative thought or belief, we can ask ourselves what is at the root of the belief. Follow the thought back to its origins in your life and begin to ask yourself when and why you started having a particular belief about something or yourself. Then, change the thought to one that is more positive and productive for you. 

If you had a thought that made you feel inferior or ashamed, you can identify this and choose a new thought and statement that affirms your self-confidence and self-identity. You can choose to implement a new idea and repeat it again and again until it begins to take shape and manifest in your life. 

Some positive affirmations work quickly while other thoughts and beliefs change over months, years and even decades. Yet, when we commit to changing our mindset and bringing in healing through positive affirmations, we are guaranteed to be gifted with a new outlook and perspective that brings peace and healing along our journey.

20 The Past Does Not Control Me Affirmations

I will break free from my past, it has no control here.

I accept the experiences and my past and I give them no control.

I am processing negative memories and breaking their hold over me.

I forgive my past self for the mistakes I have made.

The path I am on now is leading to a brighter future.

My past experiences do not control me, but they can help me grow as a person.

I am strong because of my past experiences.

I have found peace from my past and I am prepared to move forward.

I am bigger than my experiences and memories.

I naturally take negative experiences and memories and create positive growth.

I deserve to find peace from my past.

It’s natural for me to let go of negative experiences and memories.

The difficulties I have experienced in my life have made me a stronger person.

The key to my future is making peace with my past.

It is easy for me to process past experiences and move forward constantly.

I am capable of breaking free from my past.

I am relaxed. I am at peace. I am free from my past.

I am strong enough to break free from the past to create a better life.

I am setting my mind free.

In this moment, I let go of everything trying to weigh me down.

20 Stop Worrying What People Think Affirmations

I am a confident person and I am confident with the person I am.

I live my life free of concern of what other people think about me.

I will always chase what I want.

I think positively and I expect the best outcome.

I am happy and relaxed in every social situation.

I make my decisions for me.

I am happy with the person I am.

I am a naturally carefree person.

I will enjoy life and forget about what others think.

With each passing day, I become a more positive, carefree person.

With each passing day, I become more confident.

With each passing day, I become more in love with myself.

I have, I do, and I will always love myself.

I will always make a decision without worrying about what someone else might think.

With every passing day, I worry less and less about what other people think.

With each passing day, I enjoy life more and I forget about the opinions of others.

It’s easy for me to chase what I want.

I maintain a positive mindset and I am a happy person.

I am naturally a positive thinker.

I accept myself. My self-acceptance is natural.

20 Stop Self-Defeating Behaviors Affirmations

I will allow my inner voice to direct my experience.

I will celebrate each positive step I make.

Life is a miracle and I will respect mine as though it is a precious gem.

I accept that my failures are merely a stepping stone on my path to success.

I will value my spirit.

I will value my mind.

I will value my emotions.

I will value my body and mind.

I am leaving low self-esteem in the rearview window and stop selling myself short.

It’s okay if I make a mistake. I am only human and I still deserve love.

I am capable of navigating any obstacle.

If I hit a bump in the road, I will use it to steer me in the right direction.

With every small positive step, I build my confidence.

I believe in my gifts.

I accept my weaknesses and do not allow them to detract from my progress.

I don’t need to measure up to anyone but me.

My life belongs to me and I will make the best decisions.

I understand the difference between what I can change and what I must accept.

When I quiet my mind, I can hear the guidance of my inner voice.

I cannot control the outcome, only my input.

20 Self Compassion Affirmations

I feel better and better, one beat of my heart at a time.

I will treat myself with compassion in every situation.

I will pause to correct my thoughts to serve me better.

I am open to the light.

My passion is fueled by self-compassion.

Every day is an opportunity to enjoy the wonder of my being.

I am worthy of celebration.

In response to pain, I answer with love.

I will do the best I can in every situation.

I love myself in every moment, no matter what happens.

Failure is evidence that I am learning.

I deserve love because I am love.

I allow myself space to heal because I am worthy of happiness.

I trust myself to do the best in every situation.

I do my best and that is good enough.

I will live my life with an open mind and an open heart.

I embrace the worst of me, just as I embrace the best of me.

I am on a journey and it is okay to make mistakes.

My ego does not define me. Love defines me.

I am a source of love, light, and self-compassion.

20 Self-Awareness Affirmations

Everything I seek can be found within me.

My well-being is my number one priority.

When I speak my voice will be heard.

I know myself and I recognize my weaknesses and do not let them hold me back.

I always have a choice.

I recognize the power that my words hold and think them through before speaking.

Having an awareness of who I am not, allows me to become who I am.

I am in control and let go of negative emotions and thoughts.

My confidence and creativity will reveal my truth.

I am focused on the here and now.

I am unconditional love.

I am aware and conscious of my emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

I release negative emotions and focus on the present.

I make mistakes, but I learn from them and I move on a better person.

I am emotionally sound.

I remove the negative influences and people from my life.

I will challenge myself and I will trust myself.

I will always expect the best.

I hear myself. I respect myself.

I am aware of my behaviors, patterns and habits and I am conscious of myself at all times.

20 Self-Acceptance Affirmations

I accept myself just as I am.

I am an imperfect creature, beautiful, flawed, and amazing.

Every day, I work on accepting myself totally and unconditionally.

All my feelings are valid, they are mine and I own them.

I am not defined by mistakes, I am defined by my courage to learn from them.

I am so grateful to be me.

I am open to becoming.

I like myself just as I am.

I believe in myself and I teach others to believe in me when I believe in myself.

I am not afraid of failure because from each failure come blessings.

I will be myself at all times, I will live and convey my truth to others.

My past does not define, I let the past go and create my best present and future.

I am a miracle, born to face any hardships with grace, confidence, and strength.

My needs and desires are important, they matter.

My feelings are my own, I accept them and deal with them.

I matter.

My feelings matter, my thoughts matter and I matter.

My body is unique, special, and perfect just as it is.

I accept myself with love, hope and joy.

I trust myself to make decisions that support me and lead to my best life.

20 I Respect Myself Affirmations

I feel respected by my peers.

I thank people for their kindness.

I look for the goodness in others.

I speak kindly of others.

I speak kindly of myself.

I show respect and receive respect in return.

I celebrate the success of those close to me.

I choose happiness and joy.

I maintain my self-respect even in times of adversity.

I deserve to receive everything I need.

I compliment myself freely because I deserve love.

I respect my point of view.

I respect my negative emotions just as I do my positive emotions.

I respect the calm I find within myself.

I respect my values.

I respect my privacy.

I treat myself with kindness.

I treat myself with dignity.

I am respected and I am trusted.

I am a divine being worthy of respect.

20 Release Negative Self-Image and Beliefs Affirmations

Fear cannot hold me back, it’s only a feeling.

I love myself as I am.

I can master anything I put my mind to.

In order to succeed, I am prepared to fail. I can bounce back.

I am strong enough to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true.

I believe in myself. I trust myself. I am powerful.

I dare myself to try every day and I am proud of the effort I put in.

I trust my inner voice and will always follow my intuition.

With each passing day, I grow stronger and continue to move forward.

I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.

I am strong. I am capable. I win.

I deserve joy.

My body is my wisdom-guidance system and I trust it completely.

I love my body deeply, joyfully, and fully.

I love myself deeply, joyfully, and fully.

I will transform my flaws into acceptance and love.

I choose to honor my strength, uniqueness, and beauty.

I will treat myself with respect and kindness in every situation.

I permit myself to shine like the brightest diamond.

I permit myself to conquer my fears and be greater than them.

20 Processing The Pain of Neglect Affirmations

My emotions are messages my body is sending me.

My feelings, emotions, and needs matter.

My needs and wants are every bit as important as everyone else’s.

I am a valuable person, and my feelings and needs are valid.

I am worth knowing and loving.

I am likable. I am lovable.

I did not choose my upbringing.

My parents do not know or see the real me, they are not capable of it.

My anger is valid, I was failed in important ways.

My boundaries will protect me when I spend time with others.

I am responsible for providing myself what my childhood did not.

Others might not see me for who I am, but I see myself for who I am.

I validate myself, I don’t need validation from others.

I did not choose a neglectful childhood, I did not choose my parents, but I choose me now.

I am the only one capable of serving my needs.

I am being responsible when I cater to my needs first.

Everyone makes mistakes, but I will always learn from mine.

I am strong, I am healed, I am loved.

Feelings cannot be wrong or right, feelings simply exist and my feelings are valid.

I am a deeply feeling person and I am proud of that fact.

20 Processing Pain Affirmations

I have found peace from my pain. 

I am choosing to love my pain because I know I can heal it through love. 

I will build a body that loves and supports me. 

I will listen to my pain and learn from it. 

I can use other issues in my life to process and heal my pain. 

I choose peace each day no matter how much pain is present. 

I invite my pain in so that I can work through and resolve it. 

I am grateful that the fight is over because now I can process my pain. 

I am grateful for the healing I will find on the other side of my pain. 

I choose happiness, peace, and healing. 

I will not fight my pain, I will work through it. 

The peace within me is more powerful than the pain. 

I will not allow my pain to defer my focus. 

I am bigger than my pain. 

I am grateful for the healing I will find. 

I am worthy of health and happiness. 

I am open to dismissing what does not serve me. 

I accept my position and I am prepared to grow. 

I will focus only on positive progress. 

While I may be experiencing discomfort, I approve of myself and I love myself. 

20 Positive Self-Identity Affirmations

I am teeming with positivity. 

I wake up positive. 

I remain positive at all times. 

I am confident, I am happy, I am me. 

I am ambitious, I am worthy, I deserve to achieve my dreams. 

I am radiant, I am loving, I am kind. 

I choose to believe in myself at every turn. 

I am brilliant, I am creative, I am in control. 

I feel comfortable in my own skin. 

I am focused, I am talented, I am brave. 

I will accomplish every goal I set. 

I believe I am capable. 

I love myself. 

This universe was designed for me. 

I believe in my abilities. 

I am confident and teeming with self-esteem. 

I am enough. 

I am strong enough, I am smart enough, I am me and that is enough. 

I am open to possibilities. 

I am proud to be me. 

20 Personal Boundaries Affirmations

I have the right to own my feelings. 

I have the right to my own space. 

I have the right to set and enforce boundaries. 

I feel safe and secure in myself. 

I will allow my intuition to guide my focus. 

I am supported and I am protected. 

The past holds no power over me. I get to choose who I am today. 

I love and respect my feelings and I teach others how to respect me by setting boundaries.

I love and respect my own space. 

I love and respect myself through setting boundaries. 

I will create a healthy space around myself. 

I will create happy exercises for myself. 

The more I love myself the stronger my boundaries become. 

I will use my power to create a safe future for myself. 

I will honor my boundaries. 

I am strong enough to enforce my boundaries. 

My boundaries serve me well. 

I can be me and I can be loved while setting boundaries. 

No one knows what I need more than I do. 

My boundaries are my own and others will respect them. 

20 My Troubles Do Not Define Me Affirmations

I can defeat any adversity; I am more powerful than my challenges. 

When I run into an obstacle, I leap over it, nothing is greater than my power. 

I aim only to satisfy the highest version of myself. 

I am in control. I reject anything that troubles me and overcome it regardless. 

I am worthy and I deserve the positive things coming my way. 

I am unstoppable and my determination to achieve my goals overrides any trouble I face. 

I am stable, I am healthy, I am sound. I accept the flaws and embrace myself for who I am. 

I am bigger than negativity and easily rise above my troubles. 

I am an unstoppable force in this world. 

I will achieve my goals and make them a reality no matter what I face. 

I possess a wealth of skills and I am talented enough to hone them daily. 

I am pure emotionally and I wash anger away replacing it with compassion. 

I am successful.

I am overflowing with happiness and joy. 

I am admired, I am respected, I am appreciated, and I am loved. 

I am a resilient force and can overcome any challenges I am faced with. 

I am a purposeful force, and nothing can stop me. 

I am as bold as I am courageous, and I am capable of taking necessary risks. 

I detach myself from negativity and pursue positivity. 

I am in control of my life and I choose how to proceed. 

20 My Self Value Affirmations

I have been ungrateful, but I have never been unworthy. 

I feel positive about the person I have become. 

I am loved. I am loving. I am worthy. I am enough. 

I provide myself with unconditional love. 

My power is unlimited. 

The people in my life love me for who I am. 

I always treat myself with the utmost respect. 

The people in my life always treat me with the utmost respect. 

I look at myself through compassionate eyes. 

I always feel comfortable enough to speak my mind. 

My opinions are important, my views are valued. 

My ideas are unique and I should be proud to share them. 

My life is blessed, it is rewarding, and it brings me joy. 

My life is filled with incredible experiences. 

I live a life of abundance.

I can make a difference in this world. 

I am intelligent, I am confident, I am valuable. 

I appreciate the lessons that life has brought me. 

With each passing day, I love myself more and more. 

I know myself. I value my boundaries. I honor both. 

20 My Curses Are My Blessings Affirmations

My past has made me a stronger person. I can face anything. 

I do not allow negativity to take root in my mind. 

My experience is not unique, but my response will be. 

The only approval I require is my own. 

I do not underestimate myself, I am capable of greatness. 

My potential is ultimate and my experience helped me build it. 

I will fulfill my life’s purpose in this world. 

It isn’t perfect, but I am grateful for my experiences and the lessons they have taught me. 

I can handle what most others could not because I learn from all that happens to me. 

I have survived worse and I will survive this. 

Through the negativity, I will find the silver lining to celebrate. 

My heart is open today and it will remain so. 

My mind is open today and it will remain so. 

My biggest struggles will serve as my biggest lessons. 

I don’t have control over my past, but I have control over my choices. 

I don’t have control over my past, but I have control over my present. 

I will let go of the things I cannot control. 

I am fierce. I am bold. I am courageous. 

I will sever anything from my life which does not serve me. 

I am open to happiness and let go of all negativity. 

20 Loving My Emotions Affirmations

I give myself permission to feel my emotions as they come. 

My feelings are valid. 

My feelings do not define me, but I accept them. 

My feelings do not control me, but I accept them. 

I can breathe my way through anything. 

Awareness of my emotions is the greatest gift I have. 

I am worthy of love even when I feel broken. 

It’s okay for me to not feel okay. I can still find the light. 

I can grow through difficult emotions. 

Despite difficult emotions, I am still okay. 

I am worthy of respect and love even though I struggle with my emotions. 

What is this emotion trying to teach me? 

I can sit in these emotions before I move forward. This is a learning opportunity. 

I am free to choose a positive emotion when I am ready. 

My emotions do not own me, I call the shots. 

I am strong enough to hold every emotion I feel. 

I am stronger today than I was yesterday. 

My emotions serve me. 

My emotions help me become a better person. 

I have the strength to overcome. 

20 Living My Truth Affirmations

I look after myself and I value my body for what it does for me. 

I might make a mistake and I might fail, but I learn the lesson every time. 

No matter what I come up against I do not give up, I never quit. 

I always live my life to the fullest. 

I will be the best person that I can be. 

I am powerful and I can use my experience to lead an extraordinary life. 

My attention is focused on channeling my power into pursuing my life’s desires. 

I love myself. I believe in myself. I can pursue my dreams. 

I use positivity to build my future. 

My life is filled with blessings and I gain more as I live my truth. 

I respect myself and therefore attract love and light. 

I get what I want from life because I clearly communicate my needs. 

It’s up to me to create the space for truth. 

Each day that passes makes me more ready to receive love and live my truth. 

I am capable, I am independent, with me, anything is possible. 

I easily and effortlessly attract success. 

I am determined, I am persistent, I live my truth with success. 

I choose happiness, health, and adventure. 

I crave new, exciting, and healthy experiences. 

I make positive choices in love and compassion. 

20 Let Go Of Toxic Relationships Affirmations

I am healed, I am whole, and I am ready to take control. 

I am at peace, ready to move forward with the rest of my life. 

I am grateful for every relationship and the lessons I have learned about myself. 

I find it easy to let go of toxic people. 

I find it easy to let go of toxic relationships, they never serve me. 

I am open and ready to receive someone new. 

The last chapter has closed and I have turned the page on a new chapter in my life. 

My heart is happy. My heart is healed. My heart is whole. 

I will trust in the process of life and love. 

I am whole and I am healed. 

No matter what happens, I know I am and I will be okay. 

This relationship did not work and it is because someone better is waiting. 

This is a new beginning and my life will be positive from here on out. 

I am strong. I am wonderful. I am love. 

I am breaking free from negativity and embracing positivity. 

Even though my heart hurts now, I will find happiness and I deserve love. 

I don’t need someone else to make me happy, I will find happiness within myself. 

Through my struggles I will discover strength and find my greatness. 

I choose to let go of the dysfunctional relationship and embrace harmony, happiness, and health. 

I will forgive and I will move on in light and in love. 

20 Letting Go Of Self-Criticism Affirmations

I am every bit as good as my peers. 

I will not compare myself to the people around me. 

I am an important person on this planet. 

I am a strong, unique, independent person and I am capable. 

I possess a unique set of strengths and abilities. 

I accept my weaknesses because I recognize my strengths. 

I can overcome this burst of self-criticism. 

I will resist outside influence. 

I am a successful, happy person. 

I am my own person and I am good enough. 

I am uniquely different from others and that is beautiful. 

I recognize and appreciate my characteristics.

I understand that what makes me different is what makes me beautiful. 

I have high self-esteem. 

I know my limitations and I know I can exceed them. 

I can overcome negative thoughts and be a better person. 

I can overcome any obstacle I face.

I am important. 

I will be my own person. 

I will always believe in myself. 

20 Letting Go Affirmations

I easily release the past and I trust my life’s process. 

What happened before is gone, I do not need to seek vengeance.

I have coped with the worst and I came back stronger. 

I forgive past mistakes and move forward in light. 

I do not waste my life on regrets. 

I learn lessons from mistakes and let go of regrets and pain. 

I will not waste my energy on holding grudges. 

I will not waste time on regret. 

My heart will be a love-sponge. It cannot hold hate. 

I radiate positivity and joy. 

I release the pent-up emotions from negative experiences and I look forward.

I am consumed by healing energy. 

To continue with my personal growth, I must let go of the past. 

I will not settle. 

I will not let any situation get the better of me. 

Each day is a new opportunity to move forward.

I will find more productive outlets for anger. 

I release destructive and fearful energy. 

I will learn from my mistakes and focus on moving forward. 

I will not allow painful thoughts and emotions to inhabit my space. 

20 Let My Intuition Guide Me Affirmations

I will allow my intuition to guide my purpose and my passion. 

My inner voice will always answer and help guide me. 

When I listen to my quiet self, I will find the answers. 

I am aligned with my inner-self and I follow its guidance. 

I trust my inner guidance system completely. 

I know the needs of my body and mind best. 

When in doubt, I will listen to my intuition. 

My intuition is my compass, it knows the way forward. 

I can rely on my intuition to point me in the right direction. 

I will trust the voice within me. 

Regardless of what happens, everything is exactly as it should be. 

My intuition has never let me down. 

All of my experiences have shown the importance of trusting my intuition. 

Every answer I am searching for lies within me. 

My intuition is clear and accurate. 

My intuition attracts perfect situations. 

I release all of my doubts and embrace my intuition. 

As I ask a question, I can visualize my intuition’s answer. 

Everything I want for is within me. 

I easily and effortlessly access and follow my intuition. 

20 Keeping Myself Safe Affirmations

I choose to feel safe. 

I choose to feel secure. 

At all times, I am secure and safe. I have myself and I protect myself from harm.

My home is safe and protected.

My family is safe and protected. 

I find safety in my inner-self. 

I am divinely protected. 

I am surrounded by safety and security. 

I deserve to always feel safe and secure. 

This world is my safe place. 

The people in my life support and love me, making me feel safe. 

I live my life exuberantly and in love. 

All is well within my life and my world. 

I trust that everything will work out for my highest good. 

My emotions are protected. I feel safe. I am protected. 

My spirit is protected. I feel safe. I am protected. 

My body is protected. I feel safe. I am protected. 

My mind is protected. I feel safe. I am protected. 

I am where I belong and I am safe, loved, and protected. 

I set personal boundaries that keep safe and protected. 

20 I Love Myself Affirmations

I choose me every time, every day. 

I am worthy of compassion and love. 

I extend empathy and love for the people around me and for myself. 

I recognize that we are all on our own paths and mine is as valid as any other. 

I will no longer apologize for being who I am. 

I am at peace with what is happening in my life. 

Joy flows through and from me. 

When the going gets tough I will keep going to achieve what I deserve. 

My spirit and my body are beautiful. I am love. 

I am centered. I am grounded. I am peaceful. 

I respect my limits and appreciate what I am capable of. 

My life is overflowing with love and happiness. 

I am profoundly proud of myself. 

I am greater than my mistakes. 

I have what I need to be happy and I am. 

I have the power to change my life. 

I choose love. 

I am bigger than my negative thoughts. 

I do not judge others because I do not judge myself. 

I live my own expectations. 

20 I Heal Myself From Within Affirmations

I am emotionally connected to a plentiful source of healing. I can draw from it anytime. 

I am physically connected to a plenteous source of healing. I can draw from it anytime. 

As I focus on healing myself from within, I open myself to new opportunities. 

I welcome all of the ways I can be healed. 

I remain open-minded and open-hearted to the healing within me. 

I am willing to embrace the broken parts of me in need of the most love. 

I welcome all things that serve me and help me grow and heal. 

I am my main priority. My healing matters and I am worthy of a good life. 

I will be at peace with myself and who I am. 

I am excited to become the person I am meant to be. 

My insecurities fade and dissolve with every act of self-compassion. 

I am in love with self-care. 

When I think healing thoughts, I feel myself healing. 

I choose loving thoughts. 

I choose nourishing thoughts. 

My body is a temple and I will treat it with respect. 

I can heal myself and I will heal myself. 

I am grateful for my life and I appreciate my body and spirit. 

Small choices lead to big changes and in them, I will heal. 

I choose to heal. I am healed. Healing is the only option. 

20 I Forgive Affirmations

I forgive the people who know no better and do not take these things personally.

It is not my responsibility when others do not act with integrity. 

I forgive the people who have wronged me and embrace a life of love, joy, and peace. 

Each encounter I experience is a learning opportunity, I choose to see the big picture.

Compassion, patience, detachment, and understanding are my natural state.

No one is perfect, including me, and that is okay. 

I extend compassion to those acting with integrity. 

Though my heart is hurt and my feelings wounded I will continue to love. 

I forgive those who have wronged me and I release the resentment I have stored. I am at peace. 

When I forgive, I heal.

I know that people hurt people due to their own pain and fear. 

I cannot change others, I can only change my heart. 

I am overflowing with unconditional love and I can choose it at every opportunity. 

I will see this life through the lens of loving eyes. 

I am grateful that I can choose forgiveness. 

I choose to be free of hatred, sadness, anger, and hurt. 

There is no purpose to holding onto my anger, it does not serve me. 

My happiness and peace of mind are more important than a grudge. 

The only one hurt by my anger is me. Letting go serves me. 

The best way to bring joy into my life is to let go and move on. 

20 I Deserve The Best Affirmations

I have a positive impact on everyone I meet and inspire others, as well as myself.

Today is a wonderful day and I will take control. 

My problems do not push me, my dreams do. 

I work hard and I have earned my success. 

I move closer to my goals with each passing day. 

I am focused, I am motivated, and I deserve everything I desire. 

I increase the volume of positivity while turning down the negativity.

I am self-sufficient, I am independent, I am hard-working. 

I am capable of being whatever I want to be. 

I am grateful for what I have, but I know I deserve more. 

I am an unstoppable force.

I inspire others with my work and focus. 

My past does not define me, I embrace the moment while driving towards my future. 

I rise above negative thoughts and embrace positivity. 

I will be a productive force for good today. 

I am focused, I am intelligent, and I have earned my shot. 

I have faced hard times and come out on top before and I will do it again. 

I don’t waste moments, I squeeze value from every second I live. 

I belong here. 

I may have made mistakes in my past, but I have learned from them and moved on. 

20 I Define Myself Affirmations

I can be a force for good in my community. That is my choice.

Every step I take is a move in the right direction. 

I am worthy of happiness. 

I am powerful and I can live out my truths, desires, and values. 

I will guide myself to what is best for me. 

I am the example of the world I want to live in. 

I am exactly where I need to be. 

I will be intentional about promoting joy in this and my own world. 

I believe in my thoughts and plans. 

I am full of possibilities. 

I am grateful for the person I am and the person I will be. 

I am more than enough. 

I am a magnet for success. 

I am whatever I decide I will be. 

I am powerful, I am confident, I am strong. 

Every day, I grow stronger and better. 

Everything I need to succeed is within me. 

I am the living example of motivation and success. 

When I wake up every morning, I am motivated and ready to face the day. 

I am abundant, I attract abundance. 

20 I Believe In Myself Affirmations

I will always succeed. 

I feel calm and confident. 

I will achieve great success. 

I am capable of achieving any goal. 

I am ready to face anything in this life. 

I will remain positive. 

I am totally focused on my success. 

I can handle whatever challenges life throws my way. 

With each passing day, I feel more confident in my skills. 

With each passing day, I become more capable and powerful. 

I love myself. I believe in myself. I respect myself unconditionally. 

My self-belief is turning me into the highly successful person I was meant to be. 

The self-belief I have will help me grow successful. 

I will always find a way to succeed.

I am a naturally high achiever. 

Success is a normal experience for me. 

Self-belief is my natural state.

I pursue my goals with ease and confidence. 

I am a highly capable person. 

I can achieve anything and everything that I want. 

20 I Am Not a Victim Affirmations

I am not defined by a situation, I am bigger than that. 

I am not a victim, I am a survivor. 

I am not chained to my pain, I am bigger than that. 

I am not broken, I am being mended together stronger than before. 

After everything I have been through, I can still love. 

I am whatever I choose to become. 

I am not tethered to my past, I am forging my future. 

My story is not one of hurt, but one of healing. 

I do not have to wait for what I want, I can make it happen for myself. 

I am not bitter, I am better because I choose healing and growth. 

While I may have suffered quietly before I am now choosing to heal. 

I can wear my scars with pride because I have been reborn. 

I may have met rock bottom, but I am soaring high now. 

I control my words, thoughts, and life. 

I deserve the support and love that I need to heal. 

I am in control and I am enough. 

My courage is greater than my hurt. 

I have the power to create the life I deserve to lead. 

I am bigger than any challenge life can throw at me. 

I have survived my past and I can handle anything life holds for me. 

20 I Am Growing Affirmations

I might be a work in progress, but I am growing. 

My path is paved with strength and I will keep an open mind and heart. 

I will keep what serves me and let go of what fails me. 

A roadblock is simply a shortcut to something greater. 

I will do something to stretch myself today. 

I am preparing myself for bigger and better things and struggle is part of that. 

I will not settle because there is more within me. 

My purpose will light my path today and I will live with purpose. 

Today I am a seed, but I am growing into a powerful tree. 

I will strive for better every day I wake up. 

I will let go of bad habits, create positive habits, and blaze new trails. 

With every thought, I think and every action I take I build a better life. 

I let go of previous versions of myself to embrace the growth I will find today. 

What was my limit yesterday, today becomes my starting point. 

I may struggle, but I still grow. I may fall, but I always get up. I succeed despite adversity. 

I will reach for something better. 

I am attracting the people, situations, things, and peace that contribute to my growth. 

Everything that has happened in my life so far has prepared me to face this day. 

I experience positive moment after positive moment and a challenge is simply an opportunity to grow. 

What really matters to me is who I am not who I used to be. 

20 Healing From A Painful Childhood Affirmations

I believe my parents/caretakers did the best they could. 

My childhood is not my adulthood, today I have myself to take care of me.

The pain I experienced in my childhood has made me stronger today.

I forgive my parents.

I am grateful for the resilience I learned from childhood experiences that serves me today.

I take care of myself today. I nurture myself today. I am there for myself today. 

What happened in childhood is in the past. The present is fully within my control.

I choose me.

The abuse I experienced in childhood does not define who I am as an adult. 

My life is surrounded by peace and I feel safe.

What happened to me as a child is not my fault.

I feel connected to others, I am not alone. 

My body, mind and spirit belong to me. 

When I set boundaries with others, I protect myself and keep myself safe.

Love is all around me, I reach out and I can feel it.

I seek out positive interactions and relationships with others.

I trust myself. I trust other people.

I release my anger, resentment, and ill feelings. 

I release guilt and shame.

I release feelings of pain and hurt. I focus on feeling positive, joyous, and peaceful. 

20 Healing Depression Affirmations

I am surrounded by compassion, support, and love. 

I am loved by my family and friends. 

My friendship is important and my friends value it. 

I don’t have to feel guilty about my depression, this isn’t my fault. 

I, and my life, have meaning and value. 

The life I live is one worth living. 

This will pass, I’m going to breathe through it. 

I am capable of positivity, I am capable of contentment, and I can feel positive. 

This depression will not define me. 

I am cherished. 

I don’t have to do anything, be anyone, or act a certain way to be loved. 

I know I am needed, even though it’s difficult to see my worth right now. 

I am so proud of myself for making it through today. 

I can overcome this and make a good day. 

I am where I should be. 

I deserve health, I deserve peace, I deserve love. 

I offer myself unconditional love. 

I can make a new beginning and I’m in the process of positive change.

I let go of pain, sorrow, and guilt and choose to love myself. 

I choose how I feel today. Today I choose love and peace. 

20 Healing Anxiety Affirmations

I can’t control everything and that’s okay because that isn’t my job. 

I will not be reduced by the things that happen to me. 

I will not allow my worried thoughts to define me. 

Whatever I accomplish today is enough. I am enough. 

I am transforming fear into courage.

I permit myself to believe in something that feels good. 

This is a process, and I am taking the next steps to grow into my power. 

I am open to the universe’s blessings. 

I am calm, I am safe, I am capable. 

I am brave, I am lovable, I am accomplished. 

I am empowered, I am prepared, I will be okay. 

I will be okay, and everything will be fine. 

This moment is fleeting, this will pass. 

Soon, I’ll get better. 

I have the power to change my emotions. 

I have the power to find the courage to overcome my fears. 

I deserve happiness, I deserve peace, I deserve success. 

If I set my mind to it, then I can do anything. 

I am in control of what I can control, my feelings, decisions, thoughts, and my life. 

I have found the support I need to succeed. 

20 Emotional Healing Affirmations

I permit myself to take the time and space necessary to heal my soul. 

I treat myself with gentle kindness as I heal. 

I believe I am capable of healing and manifesting happiness. 

I choose happiness and healing. 

I do not judge my negative emotions and I accept myself as I am. 

I recognize every emotion as a guide to healing. 

I hold the power to overcome my sadness. 

I wake up happier every day. 

My emotions do not define me. 

I am surrounded by love and I am healing. 

I am worthy of healing and love. 

I attract healing. 

I am open to receive love. I am open to give love. 

My experiences do not define me as a person. 

I am healing. Every situation is an opportunity to grow and heal. 

No one can steal my power. 

I forgive myself. 

I am ready to forgive, forget, and move forward in self-compassion. 

I am ready to turn a new page in this chapter of my life. 

I appreciate and respect my feelings. 

20 Eliminating Toxicity From My Life Affirmations

I have the right to my emotions. 

I do not need to justify myself or fear judgment. I am valid and I am valuable. 

I am stronger than people think I am and that makes me a powerful force. 

I am in charge of my experience. I am in charge of my life.

I can deal with anything and walk away with a positive experience. 

I do not need to subject myself to the toxic criticism of others. 

I do not need to subject myself to the toxic opinions of others. 

I do not need to control others, I cannot control others, nor do they control me. 

I do not need to put up with the negativity of others. 

I am perfect as I am, and I don’t need someone else to validate me. 

I release myself from the expectations of others and choose to live the life I dream of. 

Their damage is not my damage. 

I release my fears of being imperfect, I am good enough as I am. 

I am breaking free from the negative patterns I have followed. 

I am letting go of the toxic people and clearing my spirit of the burdens they brought. 

This experience will help me grow. 

Forgiveness is a gift that I give to myself. 

I choose to move forward in forgiveness and move beyond the pain and toxicity. 

I refuse to allow toxic people any space in my life. 

I will make peace with the people who have done me wrong and let go of the anger and hurt.

20 Child Within Affirmations

I love my child within.

I take care of my child within and validate my inner child’s thoughts and feelings. 

I listen and respect my child’s needs.

I trust my inner child, it is the true core of who I am.

I feel safe and real when I am vulnerable. 

I re-parent my child within with compassion, support, love and understanding.

I respect my inner child, and I know that my inner child deservers to have a voice.

I let go of all expectations and trust in my child within.

A big part of my personal growth journey is re-parenting my inner child. 

Every day I am healing my child within and therefore healing myself.

I choose to heal myself as an adult.

As I heal myself as an adult, I am also healing my inner child.

I hold my inner child’s hand as we face the healing journey with courage and excitement.

My childhood does not define. I define myself.

My vulnerabilities are a part of me, I show my strength when I am vulnerable. 

I let my inner child come out to play, it makes me feel light, joyous, and happy.

When my inner child comes out to play, it is the best part of me.

I actively listen for the voice on my inner child, it is then I get all my needs met.

My inner child is never alone because I am there now, to care, listen and support.

My childhood is not my reality now, I create my own reality through healing.

20 Change Negative Behaviors Affirmations

The possibilities are endless and I will embrace them. 

I will make good decisions that are supportive to myself.

I am a positive person capable of good decisions. 

I choose positivity. 

I choose good behaviors. 

I am brave enough to do the right thing for me.

I am bold enough to do the right thing for me.

I can do this. I will do this.

I am intelligent, I am talented, and I am capable.

I am confident, I am proud, and I model positive behaviors. 

I deserve happiness so I will choose healthy behaviors that support my wellbeing.

I love myself and I will make good choices. 

I love my body and I will treat it with respect.

I love my mind and I will treat it with respect. I will let go of worry and embrace positivity.

Today is going to be a good day, I will be supportive of myself.

I am grateful for everything in my life.

I will care for and love myself, I let go of self-sabotaging behaviors.

I am regret and worry-free.

I am teeming with potential I will reach out and grab it.

20 Abandonment Issues Affirmations

I am safe from abandonment because I have myself.

People may come and go, but I am okay because I have myself. I care for and take care of myself.

I am always there for me, that is all I need to thrive, and live my best life.

My happiness does not depend on other people. I create my own happiness. I myself have that power.

Today, I feel calm, at peace and I am not afraid of being left because the only thing that matters is that I will never leave myself

I am calm and at peace being by myself, with myself and living for myself.

I am a lovable and likeable person.

When people leave it is not because of who I am. I am worthy of all the best.

I deserve the best, to be cared for, loved, and treated well.

I am not afraid of loss, I am strong, able, and confident, I can deal with anything.

The only person I will aim to please is myself.

I will live my truth, support myself and be kind to myself.

Rejection is a part of life, it is not personal and it will not kill me but will make me stronger.

I am not afraid to face my feelings and tell people how I feel.

I seek healthy attachments to others.

I do not need a relationship to define me, I define myself.

I am okay just as I am.

I look forward to working on my issues and developing my feelings of self-love.

My feelings are just feelings, I have the courage to deal with them.

I have the courage to heal myself, my abandonment issues will not overcome me.