Power of Subconscious Mind

How The Subconscious Mind Influences Human Behavior

Do you have total control over your behavior?

Do you believe that you possess self-control?

You might have answered yes on both counts, but you have discounted the power of your subconscious mind by doing so. Your actions and decisions are driven by your conscious mind which is heavily influenced by your subconscious mind. Of course, there are many decisions that you carry out unconsciously because your subconscious is at the wheel.

Conscious Versus Subconscious

Think about it like this. When you first learned how to drive, you were fully focused on every little aspect of the process. As you become a skilled driver, you often carry out many parts without conscious effort because your subconscious mind has stored the memories required for you to carry out the process. You don’t need to think about potholes because you automatically avoid them. While you do that you are easily performing the rest of the necessary tasks to operate a motor vehicle. It’s natural. It’s automatic.

Here’s a fun experiment. Place your hand on a surface in front of you with your palm up. Now, imagine that there is a piece of your favorite fruit placed in your hand. Are you salivating? It’s an automatic response even though your conscious mind is fully aware that fruit isn’t present. Your subconscious mind isn’t logical, though.

If you think back to the example of learning how to drive… this is also how you live life. You perform a plethora of subconscious actions. You are constantly dealing with life’s potholes. It’s easy. Those actions might have a positive impact or a negative one. You make these decisions based on the programming of your subconscious mind. Your programming begins at birth. For example, children can be fearful of real-life people who look just like the “bad person” from a television show. That’s imprinted in their subconscious. When your impression is proven correct this reinforces your snap judgment. So, when you meet someone who looks like that you will immediately be suspicious of them or naturally dislike them.

The Subconscious Mind Takes The Wheel

While some tasks are performed by your conscious mind, there are situations where your subconscious mind takes over without you realizing.

Your subconscious mind will have deemed certain things are not okay. It might be that it believes you can’t do this or it could be that it just believes it’s not for you. Then, there are things that your subconscious mind has decided are too complex or hurtful. Like, having your feelings hurt, recognizing your shortcomings, knowing you have a weakness but feeling too ashamed to accept it. This is something that covers your abnormal behaviors. It’s about thinking you’re not okay as opposed to something else isn’t okay. This stems from pain in your past or moments where you felt embarrassed. This created a feeling in your subconscious mind that you’re not okay.

You want to forget these things because they create unpleasant memories and feelings. Your conscious mind battles to erase them, but your subconscious mind went ahead and stored them away. These form pain points and when those are touched on, you tend to respond poorly. You are experiencing the same feelings and sensations you did when that pain point was first created. You become helpless and your actions feel outside of you.

Everyone has pain points. These influence our behavior heavily. Regardless of the circumstances, these pain points trigger an action and reaction within us. It’s the subconscious mind that is driving you to behave. In order to gain control over your response, you first have to overcome the pain points embedded in your subconscious mind. That requires reprogramming your subconscious mind.

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