Personal Development and Subconscious Mind

The Key To Personal Development Is Your Subconscious Mind

Chances are, you aren’t consciously aware of the circumstances that your subconscious mind is creating in your life. You possess the tools you need to be successful, to find contentment, and to remain healthy. Despite all of the external circumstances swirling around you. Your life has been created entirely by your subconscious mind and beliefs.

#1 The Imprint

Your subconscious mind has been imprinted with experiences, beliefs, circumstances, cultural values, and family from the moment you arrive on the planet. Going forward, the media also plays a role in influencing your subconscious mind, as do your friends and everyone in between. That means that your subconscious mind can be primed to trigger your success or instil fear, create failure, and sabotage your personal development.

The problem is that we often become addicted to the negative emotions in our lives. We judge people, we judge circumstances, and we compare ourselves to others in similar situations. We feel anxious about the future, obsess over the past, worry about health and finances. We are constantly catastrophizing. It’s no wonder we struggle to develop. What you have to realize is that your thoughts don’t just live in your head, they’re energy.

Before you act, you think. Before you speak, you think. Think about the energy that you put into the world. Are you the co-worker who constantly complains about ridiculous policies, someone who gets better hours, or the incompetence of management? Everyone around you is being given that negative energy. They are all-absorbing it and it created a negative atmosphere for everyone.

It’s difficult to simultaneously focus on thoughts that oppose each other. So, if your subconscious mind is driving you away from personal development, it’s up to you to guide it back to the path you wish to walk. You have to invest in thoughts that will help you move forward. If you want to be successful and happy, then your thoughts need to be consistent with this.

Are they? If not, how can you shift your thoughts into alignment?

#2 The Memory Bank

Let’s think of your subconscious mind as a memory card. Its capacity is essentially unlimited. It stores a memory for everything that happens to you. By the time you’re 18, you have easily stored, permanently, more than an encyclopedia could ever imagine storing. It’s why sometimes a memory or thought comes to you and you think, huh, I haven’t thought about that in years. It could be a person, a song, or even a movie from 25 years ago.

Its purpose is to store data and retrieve it when called on. It guides you to respond the way you were programmed to. It forces you to act in a way that is consistent with your default settings. This should highlight why positive affirmations are effective. You’re reprogramming your default setting when you do this.

This is often something that we have to do because we don’t have full control over the programming in our subconscious mind. It’s the opinions, impressions, values, and beliefs of others imprinted in that programming that is holding you back from achieving the personal development you have been striving for. With positive affirmations, you can overcome your subconscious mind by reprogramming it for success.

#3 Reprogramming

You can use your conscious mind as the commander, to plant seeds in your subconscious mind that you want to nurture to growth. The problem is your subconscious mind obeys whatever command it’s given, but those commands have been imprinted and aren’t always positive. Your habits, your behaviors, all of that is stored in your subconscious. It knows your comfort zones and it keeps you from stepping outside of them.

It recognizes your strengths and pushes you to stick to them. When you try to step outside of these bounds, your subconscious mind triggers feelings of discomfort. It creates fear, throws your emotions off balance, and can even create physical discomfort. You have to learn to push beyond those feelings to pursue personal development.

Start by being accountable for your growth and believe that you can truly change. Seek out experiences that offer knowledge and learning. Your body is a temple so, respect it. Appreciate silence, act and speak with intention, serve others, and be honest to yourself and others.

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