How Your Subconscious Mind Influences Your Life?

Your subconscious mind is often overlooked, yet it has a major influence over every action you take. We tend to focus solely on our conscious. Your conscious mind is the critical thinker in your brain. The subconscious mind is hiding just beneath it, powerful and sneaky. It is aware of everything that your conscious mind is unable to recognize. When you tap into it, your subconscious mind can play a major role in every area of your life.

The Memory Chip

If your brain is a supercomputer, then your subconscious mind is the memory chip. It has unlimited storage and stores absolutely everything that has ever happened to you. Even if your conscious mind never noticed it, registered it or was aware of it at any point. Your subconscious mind is always running, it’s the all-seeing eye.

You can get a deeper understanding of how you operate when you bridge the gap between your subconscious and conscious minds. When you dig into your subconscious mind you will gain a better understanding of your emotions, behaviors, and self. This will allow you to have greater influence over both your mental processes and your reality.

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In this context, a paradigm is your view of life. It’s your perceptions, biases, beliefs and how they connect to create your reality, your worldview. They become solidified by repetition and continuous exposure.

You would think it is all yours, right?

Yet, it wasn’t simply decided by you.

It was also influenced by your influences, environment, surroundings, and upbringing. You have never been in full control of your decisions, perceptions, and preferences.

Your awareness has been saturated since birth.

It’s an uncomfortable thought.

It’s challenging to your sense of self.

It challenges your identity.

You can’t look away.

By becoming aware of this you can challenge your perceptions to determine what of your subconscious mind truly belongs to you.

When you do this, you will learn much more about yourself.

Feel It Out

How you feel is something within your control. We tend to live reactively. When something happens we react. That’s not having control over life.

This is something that you can overcome.

For example, think about a person who reacts without thinking. They are upset by the smallest things, constantly losing control of their emotions, and often blow things out of proportion.

Most of their days are bad ones and nothing seems to go their way. The likely reason for this is that their paradigm is negative… they view the world negatively.

Instead, they could think things through before acting, shrug off the small things, and feel emotions without allowing them to control them.

Things go their way and they enjoy mostly good days. All because their paradigm is positive.

Which version are you? Obviously, we’d all like to be the latter version. You can be that person. It will require time and patience. Start reprogramming your subconscious.

When you choose to respond rather than react you will feel more self-control. You will notice that you view things more rationally and therefore you are slowly shifting your paradigm while reprogramming your subconscious mind. The point is that you being to recognize the patterns that are sleepwalking you into negative situations and feelings.

Life is complicated, and it’s easy to say it’s about responding instead of reacting when life is going well. However, there are plenty of ways you can shift your paradigm and ensure your subconscious mind influences you positively.

Make time for exercise, meditate in some form regularly, and have positive affirmations to encourage positive self-talk. Explore hobbies to find your passion. It’s all about truly exploring yourself in order to determine for yourself what your true paradigms are.

What do you really think, feel, believe and value?

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