Most people already understand that exercise is essential for superior physical, mental and emotional health. It can be especially beneficial for alleviating cases of anxiety that a person may experience. In fact, moderate exercise has been proven to have a rather significant effect on a person’s mood and anxiety.

For example, exercise helps to reduce the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. It will also help to stimulate the production of various feel-good endorphins. When done on a regular basis, exercise can also increase the activity levels found in the serotonergic system, which can help to reduce anxiety while improving a person’s mood.

Also, moderate and intense exercise will increase the body’s core temperature, which is then accompanied by a simultaneous reduction in a person’s muscle tension, which reduces cases of anxiety.

With all this help, you may want to know how to motivate yourself to do even more of it.

Recently, there are researchers who have been looking at another hypothesis that is behind the benefits of exercise for reducing symptoms of anxiety: Oxidative and nitrogen stress and inflammation may be contributing factors to anxiety. Exercise can act as a type of anti-O&NS agent and as an anti-inflammatory tool.

Regardless of if you are struggling with anxiety from time to time or a full-on disorder that has been diagnosed, exercise can be beneficial. It should be a huge part of a person’s self-care routine and an effective method of treating anxiety. Some of the ways you can make the most of the exercise to minimize your struggle with anxiety can be found here.

Discover Activities You Actually Enjoy

The very best physical activities are the ones that you like to do. If you enjoy the activity, you are highly likely to continue doing it. Besides yoga, which has actually been proven as helpful, there is no research that specifies what activities will work better than others for cases of anxiety, according to the Psych Central blog.

Consider what your favorite things to do are. What activities did you enjoy participating in as a child? Is there something you have always wanted to try?

In an ideal situation, you should participate in some type of physical activity five times a week for at least 30 minutes per day, according to the director of the Center for Wellness at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Practice Meditation

Mediation could also be beneficial for individuals who suffer from anxiety. The brain mechanisms that are involved in causing anxiety are calmed when a person meditates. In fact, a number of positive changes have been observed when the mediator even stops meditating.

The fact is, meditation can be done anytime of the night or day, outside or inside, as long as you will not be disturbed. Meditation is not all about getting rid of your thoughts. It is about you taking the time to observe them and then let them go. The best way to begin doing this is by observing your breath.

You can begin by just taking some time to notice your breath come and then go. Another option is to count your breaths up to 10 and then begin at 1 again. When your mind is wandering – which is does naturally – just start to count once again.

Taking some time for yourself to exercise, be active and even meditate can help you ease cases of anxiety that may be stealing your happiness. As you can see here, there is even scientific proof that doing this can be beneficial. Don’t try to do too much, too soon, but take your time and discover a life without anxiety.

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