Develop Fierce and Fearless Attitude
About Lesson

One of the most significant traits that is universal to everyone who has ever lived is that our time here is limited. 


In the grand scheme of things, even the maximum human lifespan is quite literally the blink of an eye. While this may come across as a discouraging way of thinking, it is simultaneously one of the biggest sources of motivation that one can draw from. 


The problem we see with so many individuals today is that, although it is common knowledge that life is short, people mull about their daily lives as if they have infinite time to accomplish their loftiest goals and make a life for themselves that is truly remarkable. 


So many of us are operating in a perpetual comfort zone that we have built for ourselves, living out the redundancy of the everyday routine and wondering why something always seems missing. 


Even more saddening is the fact that some of us live life everyday knowing full well what this missing component is but still choose to suppress it in favor of the life they are operating in. The finite nature of human existence remains a constantly ticking clock in the mind, reminding us that our time to make good on our wildest dreams and aspirations is decreasing by the moment. 


This seemingly complacent way of living is nothing new to our species. Human beings are genetically wired to feel a sense of safety and security with familiarity. We inherently view anything new and unexpected as potentially dangerous, therefore we default to what we know. 


Ten thousand years ago, when our ancestors were faced with the possibility of starvation, hungry predators, and the risk of attack by other peoples on a daily basis, this default setting made much more sense. Without it, we may not be around today. 


Ironically, even regarding ancient humans, the rare individuals that went against the status quo and chose to pursue and discover what others would not usually contribute the most to humanity as a whole. While it is probably fair to say that without the majority of our ancestors sticking to the script and playing it safe, we might not have fared well as a species of rebellious rulebreakers, history favors the bold. 


There is an interesting aspect to be drawn from the finite nature of the human life. Sure, the earth has a staggering 100% mortality rate and yes, that can be somewhat deflating. However, this is also one of the most beautiful aspects of our existence. 


Given that time is of the essence from the moment we are born, anyone wanting to make the absolute most of their lives and truly leave an impact on this world must live each day with a purpose. 


Living a life that involves intent and purpose-driven actions in a society that is mostly content with adequacy is the only way to maximize the human lifespan. 


Underlying all other sources of motivation and reasoning behind why you choose to relentlessly pursue your goals and aspirations should be a sense of urgency. You must keep in mind that time is perpetually pressing forward. 


In this discussion, we are going to describe the idea of living a fierce and fearless life.


We will talk about both of these traits individually and understand how they both promote a purpose-driven life. 


Furthermore, we will highlight some of the most common factors that cause most people to shy away from this way of living and thinking. 


Finally, our discussion will recognize how this uncommon, purpose-driven, motivated way of living does not begin and end with a mental process alone. Rather, you must make an effort to optimize and prepare both the physical and mental components that comprise your entire being in order to truly maximize any of them. 


It is important to note that even though we are all remarkably different at the individual level and the manner in which living fearlessly manifests itself in one person’s life may look much differently compared to another, the general idea remains the same. 


This information is provided as a means to break out of the comfort zone you may very well be imprisoned in and start waking up each morning intent on inching closer to the life you want for yourself.